Functional Strategies

APMN operates as a hybrid in a network setting with ICIMOD, Mountain Forum and Mountain Partnership whereas ICIMOD has defined APMN as its ‘communication arm’ and plans to engage it in communication, networking and information and knowledge sharing activities largely beyond the ICIMOD regional member countries for greater global benefit and fill-in the gap in ICIMOD member countries maintaining the complementarity.

The Mountain Forum operates as a network of regional networks (in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin and North America) supported by the Mountain Forum Secretariat (or global Node).  APMN as Asia Pacific regional node, helps MF in achieving its goal at regional level and provides with its network of regional users the Mountain Forum objectives.

Mountain Partnership and its decentralised Mountain Partnership Asia-Pacific Hub is a voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to improve the lives of mountain people and protecting mountain environments around the world. APMN presents itself as key (technology) partner of the Asia Pacific decentralised hub of the Mountain Partnership Secretariat

APMN’s role to facilitate knowledge generation, management and sharing, and advocacy for sustainable mountain development in Asia Pacific is positively recognised and valued by its user, user organisations and network partners. The challenge ahead is to strengthen the networking arrangements with regard to outreach activities and deepening the knowledge base in collaboration with ICIMOD, MF, and MP.