As a follow-up process and the Asian regional response to the Agenda 21 Chapter 13 (popularly known as the ‘Mountain Agenda’) International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) organised a regional conference in December 1994 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This Kathmandu conference adopted the Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas of Asia declaration or the SUDEMAA Call to Action.

Besides calling the countries of the Asia-Pacific to place the welfare of the mountain areas high on national agendas, the SUDEMAA Call to Action strongly recommended the establishment of an information and communication network to facilitate information and knowledge sharing on sustainable mountain development and advocating the Mountain Agenda in the continent.

Following to recommendation of the ‘SUDEEMA Call to Action 1994’, Asia regional response to Agenda 21 Chapter 13, APMN was established by ICIMOD in 1995 with a grant support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), as a knowledge sharing platform connecting mountain regions and members through dialogue and networking. The network captures, enriches, and disseminates information from a variety of resources on mountain development issues in and for the Asia-Pacific region. APMN acts as the Asia-Pacific node of Mountain Forum, a role it has played since 1996. In more than a decade of its operation, APMN has been able to make a notable contribution to build knowledge repositories and expertise by collaborating and networking with and among members  and member organisations for sustainable mountain development. APMN currently has 222 organisational and 1610 individual memberships (Annual meeting of the Mountain Forum Board (2008) has advised to use the term ‘registered users’ as substitute to ‘members’. Here the term ‘members’ is used to keep consistency with the MF strategic plan).

SUDEMAA Call to Action

As part of the UNCED follow-up process (Asia regional response to Agenda 21, Chapter 13), the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) organized the first regional conferences in Kathmandu, Nepal in December 1994. Over 60 policy-makers and practitioners from mountain areas in Asia and the Pacific (representing 20 countries including high level government authorities) met to discuss the state of mountain development in the region. The participants adopted a declaration on the Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas of Asia (also known as SUDEMAA Call to Action). This call to action aimed at placing the well-being of mountain areas high on national agendas throughout the region and also recommended the establishment of a communication platform to facilitate information and knowledge sharing mechanism and advocate mountain agenda at Asia-Pacific Regional level.

Download proceedings of the SUDEMAA Conference


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