Speaker's Profile

Bob van Oort

Bob van Oort is a biologist, and received his degrees from Groningen University in the Netherlands and Tromsø University in Norway. He is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research–Oslo (CICERO), team leader of the research team ‘Social Dimensions of Change’, and CICERO’s co-project lead of the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP)

His role in HICAP consists of contributions to two components. In the ‘climate change scenarios’ component, his main role is converting downscaled climate scenarios to comprehensible messages for scientists, decision makers, the public, and stakeholders. In the ‘ecosystem services’ component, he performs fieldwork and analysis of the impacts of climate change and changing social context on ecosystem services. His background as a natural scientist and research experience in the social sciences at CICERO give him a true transdisciplinary edge, facilitating a broad understanding and communication of climate change issues. 

Research interests and expertise include socio-ecological and livelihood consequences of climate change, (payment for) ecosystem services, climate services, health impacts, food production, and food security. His main geographical focus covers the Arctic, Nordic countries, and the greater Himalayan region.