Sichuan Delegation Visit ICIMOD


On 8 August 2014, an official delegation from Sichuan Province, China visited ICIMOD. The delegation was led by Mr Luo Zhiping, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology in Sichuan. Dr David Molden, ICIMOD’s Director General, and Dr Eklabya Sharma, Director of Programme Operations, met with the delegation. 

Dr Molden introduced ICIMOD’s mission framework and structure to the delegation members and discussed fields of common interest such as environmental changes, mountain hazard reduction and mountain agriculture. Dr Sharma delivered a presentation on the key issues in the HKH region and ICIMOD’s ongoing programmes and strategic themes. Dr Wu Ning, Theme Leader of Ecosystem Services, introduced the ecological projects and activities being implemented in China. 

ICIMOD has a long history of cooperation with local partners from Sichuan Province. A few strategic partners including CN-ICIMOD are based in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. 

This was the first time ICIMOD had the opportunity to welcome a provincial delegation from Sichuan Province. This will undoubtedly enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between the two sides. Mr Luo introduced Sichuan’s provincial strategy of international cooperation, which focuses on science and technology. He expressed his deep appreciation for ICIMOD’s contribution to Sichuan, in particular ICIMOD’s cooperation with academic institutions and development agencies. He also expressed his wish to strengthen collaboration with ICIMOD in Hengduan Mountains, the easternmost range of the HKH that falls in Sichuan. Following the meeting at the ICIMOD office, the delegation visited the ICIMOD Knowledge Park in Godavari.