Four journalists from Bhutan awarded the ICIMOD Media Fellowship 2014


The pilot ICIMOD Media Fellowship was introduced in 2013 in India’s Northeast region. Building on its success, the Fellowship has targeted journalists from Bhutan in 2014. An open call was made on 1 August, and four journalists have now been selected and awarded the ICIMOD Media Fellowship 2014 on the basis of the proposals they submitted. They are Ms Dawa Gyelmo, Ms Alka Katwal, Mr Surjaman Thapa and Mr Airaj Tamang. This small grant fellowship will run from 15 September to 31 December 2014. 

Ms Dawa Gyelmo has been working as a journalist in Kuensel Corporation Limited for four and a half years. Ms Alka Katwal is with the Business Bhutan and has worked in the media sector for the last three years. Mr Surjaman Thapa is with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service and has five years of experience as a television reporter, whereas Mr Airaj Tamang, also with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, is a senior radio producer in the Radio Department and has more than a decade’s experience in this sector. The selection thus reflects a good balance between print and broadcast journalism and in terms of gender.

The primary goal of the ICIMOD Media Fellowship 2014 is to strengthen the capacity of environmental journalists from Bhutan. To that end, it aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of issues related to climate change and sustainable mountain development. The Fellows will be mentored by ICIMOD experts in different areas to carry out in-depth coverage of climate-related issues in specific ICIMOD working areas in Bhutan. Topics cover a wide range of issues such as the effects of climate change on the lives and livelihoods of rural farmers, glacial lake outburst and early warning system, adaptation methods to cope with the impacts of changing climate, regional flood information system, human-wildlife conflict, biodiversity conservation, tourism, water management, and others. The Fellows are expected to publish or broadcast at least three news stories relating to their study area(s) during the fellowship period.