KSLCDI Communication Strategy Workshop and Review and Planning Meeting


Background and Information

The Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI) is on its five-year Implementation Phase (2012 – 2017), and has an array of proposed activities which it implements through its partner institutions in China, India, and Nepal. Every year ICIMOD and its partners come together for a review and planning meeting mainly to discuss the progress of activities being implemented, issues and challenges faced during implementation, and funds being utilized against the activities planned. Based on the progress made in 2014, country partners and ICIMOD professionals will also plan activities for 2015 and discuss the milestones achieved in the Impact Pathways laid out for the programme.

Objectives of Review and Planning Meeting:

  • Review the current country implementation plans (2014);
  • Prepare the implementation plans until 2015;
  • Review and strengthen the institutional mechanism for implementation

For the upcoming meeting, the first two days (1 and 2 Sept) will feature a workshop on Regional Communication Strategy which is an important strategic tool for improving the effectiveness of the KSLCDI in reaching our programme goals and outcomes to a wider audience. In KSLCDI (under Component 5,) regional cooperation, policies, knowledge management, as well as communication are key components of the programme; a programme which is basically designed for the development of interactive knowledge sharing mechanism through effective communication means. In this regards, it is recognized that KSLCDI requires a comprehensive and coherent communication strategy based on the partner’s assessments, demands, and needs that will raise the public profile of the programme nationally, regionally, and globally. A Regional Communication Strategy has now been drafted by a consultant and will be discussed and endorsed by country partners at end of the workshop.

Objectives of Review and Planning Meeting:

  • Exchange of partner information on their communication material, strengths and KSLCDI work (Mela form)
  • Validation of the Regional Communication Strategy for KSLCDI, and
  • Validation of its implementation plan
This will be followed by two days of review and planning meeting on 3 and 4 September.