ICIMOD Media Fellowship 2014 - Bhutan

Climate change is a pressing issue worldwide, and Bhutan is not an exception. In recent years, Bhutan, like other Himalayan countries, has been witnessing extreme weather conditions like cyclone-induced torrential rains, glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs), windstorms, and wildfires. The threat of GLOFs because of retreating glaciers is perhaps Bhutan’s biggest climate change-related challenge. The country is also experiencing a rise in temperature, and according to recent studies, there has been a dip in irrigation water in some areas. On the other hand, Bhutan is not only extremely rich in biodiversity resources, but also lies in the frontline of climate change and natural hazards.

Therefore, sustainable mountain development can be a way forward to deal and cope with these problems. In addition to the critical research done by scientists in the region, media have come to play an equally significant role in spreading awareness related to climate change and other issues to the wider public. Therefore, acknowledging the crucial role journalists play in their readers’ lives, ICIMOD is introducing this seminal Fellowship Programme for Bhutanese journalists. 

The primary goal of ICIMOD Media Fellowship 2014 is to help strengthen capacity of environmental journalists from Bhutan. The Fellowship aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of issues related to climate change and sustainable mountain development. The Fellowship is linked up with ICIMOD’s regional programmes and initiatives and the Fellows will receive guidance from ICIMOD experts in writing better stories with deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Fellowship targets early to mid-level Butanese journalists with 3 to 5 years of professional experience.
  • Journalists working for any mainstream media - print, broadcast, or web/ online - will be considered. 
  • Freelance journalists can apply, but he/ she must produce a written guarantee from the editor of a media house that his/ her work would be published or broadcast.
  • Journalists working in non-English media are welcome to apply, but must indicate proficiency in English as it is the working language of the Fellowship.
  • Candidates should have covered environmental issues in the past.

Value of the Fellowship:

  • The value of the Fellowship, inclusive of honorarium, travel, research, and contingency grant is USD 600.
  • 75% of the grant  will be disbursed in advance and 25% on completion and submission of stories.
  • Successful fellows must publish/broadcast at least 3 stories in English language or local language.

Guidelines for Application: 

To qualify for the Fellowship, applicants should apply via our web form before 15 August 2014 and provide the following information: 

  • A cover letter with updated curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages).
  • A concise description of your intended project (maximum 2 pages) based on the selected themes/ topics. 
  • Choose themes/ topics and project sites from Annex 1: ICIMOD Working Areas in Bhutan (Download Form)
  • A short project timeline including associated travel/research and publication/ broadcast of stories (should not exceed 3 months).
  • Two recent articles on climate change and sustainable development (including title, date of publication/ broadcast, web link to the stories).
  • A signed and stamped letter from the editor of a reputed newspaper/ radio / TV / web-based publication indicating an interest to use your stories.  
  • Two references with contact details of the referees.

Note: Your application will not be considered if any of the above mentioned criteria is not fulfilled. 

Selection Process:

All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee from ICIMOD. Only successful applicants will be notified via email. ICIMOD will acknowledge the receipt of your application, but will not entertain inquiries regarding the status of your application or the results of the Fellowship.

Inquiries regarding the status of applications will not be entertained.

Application closed

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