A map-based story about the HKH’s highest peaks bags a prestigious award


A story map developed by Sameer Bajracharya, a GIS Research Associate at ICIMOD, has won the third prize in the ESRI Storytelling with Maps Contest under the category ‘Best Travel and Destinations’. The results were announced on 16 July at the ESRI conference, which is currently being held in San Diego, USA. 

Sameer’s story map draws attention to the 14 highest peaks in the world, all of which are above 8000 meters and located in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. The story includes a general narrative with the images of the 14 peaks and a brief description of each peak.   

Apart from a plaque, a certificate, and a t-shirt, Sameer’s prize includes a one-year subscription to Smithsonian magazine. 

Photo: Jitendra Bajracharya/ICIMOD

The map was developed using GIS based location data, and images and information compiled from ICIMOD and other sources. The images of the peaks are arranged in descending order of altitude. Users can click on the image or on the number provided on the map to learn about a particular peak.  

“Winning the third prize for Best Travel and Destinations in the 2014 ESRI storytelling with maps contest is a milestone in my career,” Sameer said. “It will encourage me to work on maps with greater rigor and passion. Winning this contest also means my work will gain a wider audience.”

A screen shot of Sameer’s story map. The full map can be accessed at http://geoportal.icimod.org/storymaps/peaks/#map

Story maps are an excellent way to present geographic data and information in an interesting and creative manner. They integrate interactive web maps with text, photos, and video and audio clips, thus allowing the general public to learn about various places across the globe.