International Symposium on 

Glaciology in High Mountain Asia

Hosted by International Glaciological Society and ICIMOD 

Kathmandu, Nepal

1-6 March 2015 


The high mountains of Asia are estimated to contain one of the greatest concentrations of glacier ice outside the polar regions, and are the headwaters of rivers which support agriculture and livelihoods of over one billion people. Changes in snow, ice, and permafrost due to climatic changes will impact water resources, ecosystems and hydroelectric power generation, and will aggravate natural hazards. To understand these impacts, the symposium will provide a forum to discuss advances in measurements, modeling, and interpretation of glaciological and cryospheric changes in high mountain Asia.

As the field of glaciology intersects with both atmospheric and hydrologic sciences, the symposium will also focus on linkages between atmospheric processes and cryospheric change and the downstream impacts in the region. The meeting seeks to bring together scientists from the region and around the world and provide an overview of the state of science with respect to the glaciers, snowpacks and permafrost of the Himalayan, Hindu-Kush, Karakoram, Tien Shan, Pamir, and Tibetan Plateau regions.


Symposium topics include the following, and should be focused on studies in high mountain Asia:
  1. Past, present, and future glacier change (reconstructions, observations, projections)
  2. Observations and models of glacier dynamics (including glacier response times, and thickness and volume of ice)
  3. Glacier and snow melt processes (debris cover, supraglacial lakes, black carbon, etc.)
  4. Hydrology of glacierized catchments
  5. High-altitude meteorology, climate downscaling, and climatic change (ice core records, etc.)
  6. Glacial hazards (GLOFs, avalanches, mass movements)
  7. Permafrost studies (measurement, modeling, distribution)
  8. Impacts of cryospheric change (local and regional water resources, ecosystems, etc.)


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