Training on Development of a Pilot Regional Flood Outlook


ICIMOD will conduct a week-long training on operating a pilot regional flood outlook for the Ganges Brahmaputra (GB) basin from 30 June – 4 July 2014. Training participants include hydrological modelers from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan. The pilot version of the regional flood outlook model was developed by the HYCOS and Koshi initiatives of ICIMOD, in collaboration with the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) based in Denmark and the Institute of Water Modelling based in Bangladesh. 

The regional outlook has been developed using globally available hydro-meteorological datasets, real-time data generated from 30 hydromet stations installed by the HYCOS initiative in the GB basin in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, and data from other stations provided by these three countries. The aim of the regional flood outlook is to enhance the lead time and improve flood forecasting capacity of national hydromet services. The ultimate goal is to reduce the loss of life and property caused by transboundary floods. 

The pilot regional flood outlook is based on DHI’s MIKE11 flood forecasting model. The model was piloted in the Koshi catchment of the Ganges basin in Nepal and will be tested in the GB region during monsoon 2014, after the completion of the training.