Advancing ICIMOD Retreat 2014


On 19 May ICIMOD held the ‘Advancing ICIMOD Retreat 2014’. The objectives of the retreat were to strengthen the ‘ICIMOD family’ bond, including cross-organizational linkages and relationships, and to reinforce a shared sense of ICIMOD values. ICIMOD holds values such as honesty, openness, teamwork, respect for diversity, creativity, and innovativeness in high regard and this day was used to reflect on these values through art, discussion, songs and games. 

The full day programme was held at Park Village Resort in Buddhanilkanta. The day started early with breakfast. Director General, David Molden, then opened the day, after which the 200 participants were divided into 4 groups of 50. The four groups then went through four main activities. One activity focused on how to bring ICIMOD’s values into practise and came up with a ‘value chant’. Another activity was about transforming these values into art (collages, drawings, paintings, poems). The other two activities involved practising teamwork through outdoor games. At the end of the day, the value chants were revisited and one was selected as the winning chant, with the catchy phrase: ‘We win hearts of mountain people!’

The day finished with a party at which the participants enjoyed food, conversation, and dancing. We thank Andrew, Julie, Renchin, Michelle, Katrin, and the Borderlands Team for their expert facilitation and support.