Strengthening partnerships


Responding to regional needs and priorities, ICIMOD is working with national partners in its regional member countries to influence policy and practices to meet the multiple challenges emerging in the region. Over recent years, ICIMOD has grown substantially as an organization with increasing regional and global recognition and is successfully moving towards a programmatic approach with a sound funding commitment. As an interface between applied science and research and policy and practices on the ground, ICIMOD implements its programmes through a network of partners. ICIMOD is working with a diverse range of partners to implement regional programmes with sizable funding for action research, piloting, and demonstration in its regional member countries. The type and number of partnerships ICIMOD is involved in has grown considerably in the recent past.

In line with this, a one-and-a-half-day internal training was held at ICIMOD on 24 and 25 April 2014 as an introduction to partnerships, partnership management and development, and the monitoring and reviewing of partnerships for development. The objective of the training was to provide an overview of the partnership approach and impart skills and knowledge in the approach. The training was conducted by Julie Mundy, a certified partnership trainer from Partnership Brokers Association, Australia. About 25 ICIMOD staff participated in the training, during which they received information on initiating, planning, managing and reviewing partnerships for effectiveness. 

In addition to the training, a one-day workshop was held on 9 May 2014 to internalize the Partnership Strategy and Guidelines and provide an overview of their implementation. The workshop was organized by Basanta Shrestha, Director for Strategic Cooperation, ICIMOD, and facilitated by Chris Reichert of GIZ. About 40 ICIMOD staff attended the workshop from various initiatives and regional programmes. ICIMOD has adopted a partnership strategy, endorsed by its Board of Governors, to strengthen its partnership development and management through key objectives. The Partnership Guidelines have been prepared to help improve and institutionalize norms and practices for partnership development and management within the Centre.