Atmosphere Initiative

Atmosphere Initiative as a part of the Regional Programme on Cryosphere and Atmosphere was established on January, 2013 to improve our understanding of atmospheric issues and to promote regional cooperation for addressing issues related to the atmosphere in the HKH region.

Over recent decades, the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region has been affected by rising emissions of air pollutants from urban, industrial, and rural sources. This has raised concerns about deteriorating air quality, impacts on health and visibility, changes in atmospheric heating and cooling, changes in cloud microphysics and in the strength and timing of the monsoon, increasing stratospheric pollution above the Tibetan Plateau, deposition of light absorbing substances onto snow and ice surfaces; and increasing melting of the Himalayan cryosphere. 

ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative was established on 1 January 2013 as part of the centre’s Regional Programme on Cryosphere and Atmosphere. The initiative aims to bring about effective measures and policies for reducing air pollution and its impacts within the HKH region by improving knowledge and enhancing the capacity of partners in the regional member countries.

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