Resources of UIB Field Visit 

Understanding the Upper Indus Basin(UIB) Scenario:

  1. Impacts of climate change on water resources: Case of UIB river
    <download pdf, 2.67 MB>
  2. A brief introduction to the Central Karakorum National Park
    (in the context of management planning)
    <download pdf, 557 KB>
  3. Studies on Human-Environmental Dynamics in the Western HKH-Region
    <download pdf, 1.25 MB>
  4. Understanding UIB Scenarios (Hydrometrological monitoring)
    <download pdf, 1.11 MB>
  5. Research and Monitoring Activities of PMD in UIB
    <download pdf, 1.37 MB>
  6. Research Activities of ITP in UIB, North Pakistan
    <download pdf, 4.18 MB>
  7. WAPDA Initiatives in UIB Monitoring
    <download pdf, 2.87 MB>

Natural Environment and Climate Change in Gilgit Baltistan: Scope, Opportunity and Challenges:

  1. Biodiversity and Climate Change
    <download pdf, 1.66 MB>
  2. Gilgit Baltistan Disaster Management Authority_Establishment Functions and Challenges
    <download pdf, 1.41 MB>
  3. Poverty and Vulnerability in GB
    <download pdf, 1.66 MB>
  4. Water Resources and Energy in GB

Background Documents of UIB Field Visit:

  1. History of UIB Working Group
    <download pdf, 131 KB>
  2. Objectives of Experts Field Visit_UIB,Gilgit Pakistan
    <download pdf, 973 KB>

Debriefing: Upper Indus Basin(UIB) Expert Field Visit to Gilgit Baltistan

  1. UIB Experts Field Visit to Baltistan
    <download pdf, 1.35 MB>