International Conference on 

Cryosphere of the Hindu Kush Himalaya: State of the Knowledge and Hindu Kush Himalayan Cryosphere Data Sharing Policy

13-16 May 2014

Kathmandu, Nepal

Aim and objectives

This event will primarily focus on coordination and knowledge sharing in the areas of:

  • glacier mass balance measurements in the HKH region;
  • satellite-based mapping of snow, ice, and permafrost extent in the HKH region;
  • glacio-hydrological measurements; and
  • modeling and knowledge in the region.

The Hindu Kush Himalayan Cryosphere Data Sharing Policy Workshop is being organized to facilitate discussion on the development of a policy framework for data sharing in the HKH region. This workshop will also focus on the progress achieved in archiving and sharing ICIMOD’s data on the cryosphere of the HKH.

This conference-cum-workshop will provide an opportunity for scientists working in cryospheric science and policy makers to share their knowledge, to develop a professional network for cryosphere monitoring in the HKH region, and to initiate the process of data sharing. It is also expected that the event will contribute significantly to further strengthening regional cooperation in cryosphere monitoring and promote regional efforts to better understand the cryosphere of the HKH. It will also contribute to the further development of the Regional Cryosphere Knowledge Hub initiated after the 2012 conference-cum-workshop.