Scientific Writing Training


A 5-day introductory course in Scientific Writing and Publishing was held for the second time from 10–14 March. The course was facilitated by Dr Anne Zimmermann, Senior Research Scientist at the Centre for Development and Environment and Associate Editor of Mountain, Research and Development. The course consisted of instruction as well as intensive individual coaching to encourage participants to work on their paper and their personal publication strategy. Over the week, participants from ICIMOD applied what they had learnt to their papers to improve their writing. The participants will receive follow up coaching by Skype from Dr Zimmerman to further prepare them for peer review and publication.

The course objectives were to help participants to understand the audience of a specific journal article, access relevant journals, understand the peer-review process, recognize the format and rules for scientific writing, and plan the writing of an article. Participants also learnt how to improve the internal argument of their paper, make reference to relevant scientific debates, and provide constructive feedback on a colleague’s paper. The ultimate aim of the course is for participants to get their papers published in peer-reviewed journals.