Private sector engagement in Bhutan


On 24 March, ICIMOD and the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed an agreement on sharing knowledge and technical transfer from ICIMOD to small and medium entrepreneurs and farmers in Bhutan for better agribusiness opportunities. The President of the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that ICIMOD is a strategic partner for Bhutan with the ability to provide technical backstopping for agro-based development. The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ICIMOD expressed the firm view that the private sector plays a crucial role in sustainable and improved livelihoods through knowledge and regional cooperation. The agreement will benefit rural livelihoods and enterprises in Bhutan and other ICIMOD member states through collaboration. See the story here: 

A delegation headed by Dr David Molden, Director General of ICIMOD, participated in the first Better Business Summit organized by the Gross National Happiness Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Druk Holdings and Investments. The Summit was held from 26–28 March to promote policies, strengthen institutions, and generate ideas to improve the prosperity and wellbeing of the Bhutanese people through entrepreneurship development and private sector growth. Dr Molden spoke at the Green Economy session at the Summit and, together with other prominent panellists, addressed questions such as: ‘How can the concept of green economy be made more relevant to poor mountain farmers?’ and ‘Would the green economy address issues surrounding rural livelihood?’ Dr Molden stated that:

The green economy recognises the value of ecosystems and their services and offers opportunities for enhancing the same. It also opens up markets for niche mountain products and takes into account the emergence of market and non-market mechanisms for mountain ecosystem services like payment for ecosystem services, REDD+, green certification, green marketing, and eco-labelling. 

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