Advocating for mountains in the water-energy-food nexus


Participating at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) 6-8 February, ICIMOD brought the attention of a global audience to the mountains when talking about this year’s theme: Water, Food, and Energy Nexus. ICIMOD organized two special events at the Summit:

  • Himalayan Waters in the Context of Water, Energy, and Food Security 
  • Towards Realizing Potential of REDD+ in South Asia
These events offered a platform to promote the mountain perspective in relation to the water-energy-food nexus and to share ICIMOD’s experience and ongoing work related to REDD+. 

Speaking at a plenary session on ‘Dealing with the Energy, Water and Food Security Challenge in Asia’, Dr David Molden, Director General of ICIMOD, highlighted the importance of mountains in addressing energy, water, and food security; the role that mountain people play in sustaining important mountain resources; and the need for benefits from these resources to also flow back upstream to mountain communities. At a side event on ‘Nexus of Biodiversity with Food and Nutritional Security’, Dr Molden stressed the importance of maintaining mountain agricultural biodiversity as a means to enhance the resilience of mountain communities.