GO GREEN mela showcases environmentally friendly technologies and practices

13 Feb 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal


Mitigating and adapting to the impacts of global change, including climate change, require that we as society take greater responsibility and embrace green, climate friendly, low-carbon ways of conducting our business affairs and daily lives. It also requires a dramatic shift in the way we think about and relate to the environment, the adoption of lifestyles that embrace the principle of ‘recycle, reduce, and reuse’, and changes in our attitudes and behaviors to better align with good practices of ‘sustainable living’.

A push to GO GREEN can help put Nepal on a pathway to a green economy, green jobs, and green growth. There are already green technologies and practices, both developed with in Nepal and imported, available that can help each of us do our part to save energy or improve energy efficiency; minimize waste; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; cut down air, water, and land pollutants; conserve natural resources; grow crops and vegetables organically; and implement the concepts of green housing, paperless office, green transport, and green IT.  

GO GREEN is a 5-day mela showcasing a number of green technologies and practices. The mela will open on 19 February 2014 at the Nepal Art Council and will provide a platform for vendors representing auto, solar, wind, hydro and other green sectors to demonstrate their products to the general public. GO GREEN will also feature relevant film screenings, discussion programs, art activities for children, an electric car rally, a team-building cycling event, and a music concert by Kutumba, among other programs.  

The event is hosted by Climate+Change: A Regional Dialogue on the Future, which is an exhibition showcasing stunning imagery, text, and interactive elements that invite visitors to investigate the challenges faced by our natural landscapes, ecosystems, and human communities in the face of climate change across several national boundaries. The exhibit provides a unique opportunity for students, teachers and the general public to engage with and be inspired by science. 

For more information: 

Web: www.climatepluschange.org 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/climatepluschange 

Email: info@climatepluschange.org 

Phone: 9849519933 (Nischal Oli)