Koshi Basin Programme Inaugural Partners’ Forum in India



ICIMOD and its key national and regional partners initiated the Koshi Basin Programme (Phase I) to contribute to inclusive poverty reduction in the Koshi Basin by evaluating the range of possible water related development pathways through evidence based decision making and basin-wide cooperation. The overall goal is to strengthen community resilience against climate change impacts and water induced hazards in the Koshi Basin

Bihar State Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA) and ICIMOD share a growing concern to improve disaster preparedness and risk reduction in the context of climate change impacts in the Himalayan river basins in general and Koshi river basin in particular. In this background, BSDMA and ICIMOD have collaborated to initiate a forum of ICIMOD partners and stakeholders to inform, improve and guide the outcomes and outputs of Koshi Basin Program. Under the leadership of BSDMA, the partners and stakeholders of Koshi basin program will periodically meet and discuss existing knowledge and emerging issues in the Koshi basin and support the program to deliver useful and usable outputs and outcomes.

Forum Objectives:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of the water related livelihood and disaster issues, and practice of the collaborative knowledge generation, including what success will look like and fit within the government’s development programmes;

  2. Elaborate an initial ‘snapshot’ of the water and disaster related development landscape of the basin, and where KBP partners fit within this framework – an opportunity for partners to share what they are doing, where they are working and with whom; and

  3. Provide an opportunity for KBP partners to use an ‘open spaces’ tool to discuss knowledge products that can create impact.