Using radars for atmospheric research


Two staff members of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Vanisa Surapipith and Linda Maharjan, took part in the recent International School on Atmospheric Radar (ISAR) held at National Central University (NCU) in Chong-li, Taiwan, on 11 and 20 November 2013. 

The ISAR-NCU has a long history in training and educating young students and researchers from developing countries in the fields of atmosphere and ionosphere research using radars and related instruments, combined with modeling, forecasting, and theoretical work. 

Photo credit: Linda Maharjan/ICIMOD

Photo: Linda Maharjan, ICIMOD

The ICIMOD duo exchanged practical ideas with experts from Europe and the US on the latest radar technologies. They also took part in discussion on what kind of radar is suitable to the mountainous region, and learnt about the practical aspects of setting up the Atmospheric Radar to meet the needs of the Himalaya region. 

“The ISAR-NCU provides a good opportunity for developing and integrating the application of radar to enhance activities like weather forecast, early warnings for disaster risk reduction, and air pollution,” said Vanisa Surapipith, an atmospheric modeler with ICIMOD.

This year the ISAR-NCU supported 23 participants from eight Asian countries of India, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Participants included a mix of university graduates, interns, and hydrometeorological specialists.