Workshop on Value Chain Identification in the Karakoram Pamir Landscape


The Karakoram Pamir Landscape (KPL) region is the traditional home to pastoralists and agro-pastoralists who depend on livestock grazing and crop farming for their livelihood. Agro-pastoralism makes a significant contribution to the national economy both in terms household support and export earnings. The KPL region has limited resources that can be processed into high-value and low-volume products because of its extreme environments. Further, local people who collect and produce these products generally receive a relatively low share of the total value. The major reasons include a lack of knowledge about market chains, lack of processing facilities, and inadequate quality control to meet both domestic and international market standards. 

However, national and regional policies could be framed to help local people reap greater benefits from bigger trade volumes of their products. Development of new livelihood options from value-adding processes for local products and services could offer significant scope to help people generate more income. Value chain (VC) analysis helps identify the specific leverage points that can help target groups to reduce their risks and increase benefits from VCs. Moreover, participation in value chain can enhance competitiveness by allowing producers to focus on specific tasks rather than the entire production process. 

Various VC development activities are going on in the KPL areas. However, these have not been discussed and documented. Against this backdrop, ICIMOD and AKRSP (full form) are organizing a one-day workshop to discuss the existing work on value chains and potential value chains that can be developed in future.

Objectives of the workshop: 

  • To provide participants with an opportunity to share their insights and concerns on value chain development in KPL;
  • To enhance knowledge and build capacity of participants in understanding and applying the mountain-specific value chain development approach in the context of improved product marketing, and;
  • To identify priorities for VC development for enhancing livelihoods in KPL.