ICIMOD staff participates in CSR Summit


Naina Shakya of ICIMOD took part in the recent CSR Asian Summit 2013 held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 17 and 18 September 2013. 

The Summit is widely recognized as the most innovative and thought-provoking conference on corporate responsibility in the region. This year the Summit aimed at inspiring business leaders to connect with their partners and to take on leadership role in responsible growth and inclusive development in their companies and countries. 

Naina Shakya, ICIMOD’s Private Sector Partnership Specialist, spoke on ‘Himalayas and the Opportunities for Businesses’ during the session titled ‘Growth in a world of accelerated climate change: what’s your strategy?’. With increasing private sector initiatives at ICIMOD, the Summit was a good platform for a wider outreach, networking, and building greater awareness about ICIMOD within the private sector.

The Summit was attended by more than 460 participants from over 30 countries representing government agencies, international organizations, development agencies, corporate bodies, multinationals, academic institutions, and civil society organizations.