ICIMOD at South Asian media briefing


Two staff members of ICIMOD, Dr Aditi Mukherji, Water and Air Theme Leader and Nira Gurung, Senior Communications Officer, attended the Annual South Asian Media Briefing on Climate Change on 18 and 19 September 2013 in New Delhi, India.

Organized by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the briefing  covered the latest issues in negotiating stances, politics, science, and impacts of climate change from  South Asia, especially to inform journalists, ahead of the post-2015 agenda which  begins at the 19th session of the Conference of the Parties in Poland in November 2013. 

More than 90 journalists from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives attended the event. Speakers from governments, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, and the private sector spoke on various topical issues. 

Dr Aditi Mukherji made a presentation titled ‘Managing Disasters, Sustaining Development in the fragile Hindu Kush Himalayas’ on 19 September 2013.  She highlighted the importance of understanding Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF)-related disasters while planning hydropower projects in the region. She also spoke on the need for transboundary data sharing and cooperation to mitigate disasters. 

Some of ICIMOD’s publications were also put on display. Nira Gurung networked with the journalists present at the event. These linkages shall foster greater interest in the work of ICIMOD.