Scientists discuss glaciers


Over 200 regional and international scientists gathered in Beijing, China, between 28 July and 2 August 2013 to participate in the International Glaciological Society (IGS) Symposium on changes in glaciers and ice sheets. 

The conference, organized by the IGS and steered by researchers from around the world, was held at the Institute for Tibetan Plateau (ITP) Research facility.  Representatives from ICIMOD included Dr Patrick Wagnon, Dr Joseph Shea, and Samjwal Bajracharya.  

The conference featured both oral and poster presentations over five days, with keynote speeches and discussions. Some interesting topics covered in the keynote speeches included variable glacier mass change in high mountains, and glacier variations in response to recent climate changes in the Tibetan Plateau and surrounding region.

ICIMOD’s Samjwal Bajracharya spoke on glacier change in Bhutan, and Dr Patrick Wagnon spoke on the seasonal and annual mass balances of Mera and Pokalde glaciers. Some students of Kathmandu University made presentation on their MSc glaciology research. 

Other noteworthy presentations covered topics like accelerated glacier mass loss in the Urumqi region, estimates of runoff from glacier melt in the Tarim basin, and mass balance observations and reconstructions from Chhota Shigri glacier.

A mid-week excursion to the Great Wall of China was a welcome break to stretch legs and experience some of the incredible history of China.