Kailash Sacred Landscape presented in France


With the goal of balancing untouched nature with local cultures, an international colloquium was held from 10 through 14 September 2013 in Clermont-Ferrand in France.

ICIMOD’s Associate Coordinator of Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI), Nawraj Pradhan, attended the colloquium. He highlighted KSLCDI’s global value as an ecological and cultural site and the need for transboundary landscape management in conserving and developing the landscape. He also presented an abstract and poster titled ‘Sustaining flow of ecosystem services by harnessing cultural values: A transboundary approach in conserving and developing Kailash Sacred Landscape’.

The major objectives of the colloquium were to exchange knowledge with IUCN experts and UNESCO representatives in developing new criteria for management of natural sites, and share the KSL natural and cultural values and its links to Outstanding Universal Value.

Nawraj Pradhan also networked for partnerships and support for Global Sacred Mountains Conference to be hosted by ICIMOD in 2014, and explored opportunities to forge long-term partnerships with global partners for KSL roadmap as a World Heritage Site. The abstract he presented will eventually be published as a peer reviewed scientific publication for a book chapter. 

The colloquium titled ‘Balancing untouched nature with local cultures: How to manage inhabited natural sites (MINaH) inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List?’ was attended by around 150 participants from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia. The participants included academics, researchers, and representatives of governments, civil societies, IUCN, UNESCO, Clermont University, and the Local Council of Puy-de-Dome who hosted the colloquium.