Innovation Fund Project

Documenting, sharing, and assessing impact of mountain good practices, solutions, appropriate technologies, adaptation measures 

ICIMOD promotes the replication, upscaling of and dissemination of innovative, sustainable livelihood options, good practices, climate change adaptation measures, and appropriate technologies for the sustainable development of mountain areas. Some of such are demonstrated in the Knowledge Park at Godavari for users to actually see them. Others are in the form of narratives as publications, like the Nepcat publication. The Knowledge Park can only do so much and go so far. 

The innovation fund project will develop a mountain knowledge experience with an assortment of mechanisms and instruments to collect, document, share, map, review, and importantly assess the impact of what we term as “knowledge instances”, which are appropriate technologies, solutions, good practices, adaptation measures, livelihood options, and so on. The idea is based on the observation that carefully documented cases with users feedback, usage stories, public grading, evidence-based, can provide excellent guidelines for planners and policy makers, besides being a source of information to public on common social, economic and environmental problems. This whole concept becomes more informative, relevant, supportive  and provides instrument to assess impact (which ICIMOD is looking for) with today’s widespread use of social media, multimedia, using the crowd for citizen science and broader ICT for development and knowledge management. It is designed to contribute to ICIMOD’s goal and objectives as enshrined in its new MTAP.