Fresh impetus for feasibility assessment of Brahmaputra-Salween Landscape


A one-day feasibility consultation workshop has given new impetus to the Brahmaputra-Salween Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (BSLCDI).

Forty-six participants from the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, other line ministries, non-governmental organizations, and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) attended the workshop. It was organized by the Department of Forest at Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

Addressing the inaugural session, Director General of Forest Department Dr Nyi Nyi Kyaw said transboundary landscape management for the BSLCDI was of enormous importance that called for solid regional collaboration. He said the northern areas of Myanmar are extremely rich in biodiversity and contribute to the country’s unique history, culture, and economy. 

“Stability of northern Myanmar is important not just for people living there but also for the people of entire country and this meeting is very much in line with the government’s top priority,” said Dr Nyi Nyi Kyaw.

The multi-stakeholder consultation was organized with the primary aim to introduce the BSLCDI and to facilitate the preparation of country feasibility assessment reports.  

The BSLCDI is a regional transboundary conservation and development initiative of three countries - China, India, and Myanmar; and ICIMOD. The initiative is in the preparatory phase where the three countries are working on their respective country-focused feasibility assessment.

The feasibility reports will serve as a basis for preparation of regional conservation and development strategy, comprehensive environmental and socio-economic monitoring strategy, and regional cooperation framework.