Key Mission

    Promote coordination and collaboration among organizations working in the upper Indus basin for improved understanding of present and future water availability, demand, and hazards, and to develop solutions for various stakeholders ranging from local to national levels. 
      The network collaborates with key national networks and forums such as the Indus Forum in Pakistan, which actively promotes in linking evidence-based research with national policy. It shares research findings with national policy makers through various platforms.
        In the upper Indus basin, limited studies have been conducted on climate, cryosphere, water, hazards and adaptation. There is a gap on scientific knowledge sharing and coordination between the concerned institutions and professionals.

        Key Structure

        The UIB Network is chaired by Khalid Mohtadullah, a former senior advisor and country director at International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Pakistan, senior advisor to the Global Water Partnership, and senior advisor to ICIMOD.

        ICIMOD’s country office in Pakistan functions as the network secretariat which facilitates, and provides logistical support to network members for implementation of UIB action plans. Currently, the network is limited to Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, and there are plans to expand to Afghanistan, China and India.

        The network is guided by a strategic committee, a group of advisors and technical working groups in thematic areas. The strategic committee provides strategic inputs to the different working groups. It communicates with technical working group leads and the members to synergize their work and integrate their scientific knowledge.

        The advisors provide advice and technical inputs to UIB network on priority actions. There are six technical working groups, who meet twice a year to update on their progress and discuss on socioeconomic issues and future strategies and actions.