First Framing Workshop to Assess the Hindu Kush Himalayas


In a move to start the process for the publication of the comprehensive assessment of the Hindu Kush Himalayas, ICIMOD is organizing the first framing workshop in early September.

The workshop on ‘Comprehensive Assessment of the Hindu Kush Himalayas: Action to Sustain the Global Asset’ will be held at ICIMOD headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 2 and 3 September 2013.

The publication will feature critical evaluation of the current state of knowledge, understanding the various drivers of change and their impacts, analyses of problems and their solutions, and policy and governance implications.

The workshop intends to bring together a select group of experts to discuss the content and process of the assessment, identify potential authors and reviewers, develop draft chapter outlines, and formulate the roadmap for the development of the assessment. 

The expected outcomes of the workshop include an initial scientific framing of the assessment including major questions and issues to be addressed and a draft outline of the assessment. The workshop will also identify potential authors and reviewers and will set off a process for engaging policymakers. A core team for developing the assessment would also be identified.

The assessment will be multi-institutional process aimed at generating stimulating ideas to manage mountain ecosystems for sustained services for the wellbeing of both mountain and downstream people, reduce poverty and food insecurity, reduce disasters, enhance resilience and adaptation, and promote environmental friendly infrastructure development. 

The knowledge generated in the process will contribute to the socio-economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. The findings will enable better investment and management decisions for the mountains, especially the HKH region in the near future.

The overarching purpose of the assessment is to prepare information and knowledge on global significance of the HKH region. Within this, the assessment will cover issues like reducing scientific uncertainty on various issues, laying out practical and latest solutions, and providing new insights for development of the region in the changing world. The assessment would value and conserve already existing ecosystems, cultures, societies, knowledge, and the distinctive HKH solutions that are of importance to the rest of the world. It will also influence policy processes with evidences for sustainable development of the mountains.