ICIMOD Hosts First Annual Regional Atmospheric Science Workshop


On 13 and 14 June immediately following the international workshop on Atmospheric Composition and the Asian Summer Monsoon (ACAM), a smaller workshop was held at ICIMOD headquarters that brought together ICIMOD-sponsored atmospheric scientists from the region who had attended the ACAM meeting. Because most of the participants had already presented at ACAM, the focus at ICIMOD’s First Annual Regional Atmospheric Science Workshop was on two days of moderated discussion. Five sessions covered self-introductions and a mapping of who does what, collaboration building on modelling, future collaborative field campaigns, planning of future long-term monitoring sites, and ways to foster data sharing and exchange. The sessions, along with informal conversations during breaks, succeeded in building introductions across borders, and in fostering interest in cross-border collaborations and exchanges in the HKH region. The format of next year’s Second Annual Regional Atmospheric Science Workshop was discussed, and a consensus was reached on two topics: 

  1. that the second meeting should have oral and poster presentations, and
  2. that it should continue to be held in a neutral country such as Nepal, but preferably somewhere outside of Kathmandu.