Dabur Nepal and ICIMOD Collaborate to Promote Herbal Medicinal and Aromatic Plants


Dabur Nepal and ICIMOD have entered into a five-year partnership to promote herbal medicinal and aromatic plants from the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. Experts from Dabur and ICIMOD will bring together their resources and experience to establish an herbal garden at the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari. The herbal garden will facilitate research and development and act as a learning centre through demonstrations, hands-on training, and information sharing. Dabur Nepal will provide the initial establishment costs, technical assistance, planting materials, and maintenance, and ICIMOD will provide the space. The technologies, approaches, and practices showcased in the garden will help students, researchers, government line agencies, universities, and industries working with herbal medicinal and aromatic plants.

It is hoped that the partnership between Dabur Nepal and ICIMOD will contribute to the accumulation and sharing of knowledge about herbal medicinal and aromatic plants and the development of new technologies and practices for sustainable land use and natural resource management in the hills of the Hindu Kush Himalayas. The partnership is expected to encourage and promote research in herbal medicinal and aromatic plants, which will eventually benefit students and local farmers. Information on propagation, gene banking, and multiplication techniques will be an integral part of the technical knowledge transfer generated by the initiative. The initiative will help in identifying and understanding medicinal and aromatic plants and herbs with the potential for industrial-level commercial use.

ICIMOD and Dabur Nepal enters into a partnership