Workshop on Digital Agriculture Atlas 2013 and Remote Sensing Based Crop Monitoring System in Nepal


In cooperation with ICIMOD, the Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD) of Nepal organized a one-day regional workshop to identify data needs and implementation approaches for a crop monitoring system and information dissemination mechanisms on various aspects of food security in Nepal. Professionals from the Agriculture Development Department, National Agriculture Research Council (NARC), and local NGOs attended the meeting. Presenters from ICIMOD and the GIS Unit of MoAD elaborated on on-going Information and Communication Technology (ICT) approaches being considered for monitoring and information dissemination mechanisms in Nepal’s agriculture sector. Feedback on the local relevance of various types of information captured during the meeting will be used to refine the development of the information system. 

In concluding remarks, the workshop chair, Vijay Kumar Mallick, Joint Secretary of MoAD, highlighted the importance of using GIS and remote sensing technologies in the agriculture sector. He also appreciated the overall process of developing a relevant information system that takes local level feedback into consideration.

The GIS Section of the Agribusiness Promotion and Statistics Division of MoAD is responsible for promoting the use of new technologies like Global Positioning System, spatial databases, and remote sensing to enhance efficiency in the decision making process for agriculture-related issues in Nepal. ICIMOD, through its SERVIR-Himalaya Initiative, is supporting MoAD in establishing a functional information system for crop monitoring and food security analysis.