Training on Briquette Making for Participants from Khumbu (28-30th May 2013)


The ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari conducted a training to provide skills and knowledge on biobriquette production using waste paper to participants from the Khumbu area of Nepal. The three-day, hands-on training supported by the Khumbu Cooperative of Namche Bazaar covered the process of making briquettes from paper as well as from saw dust, rice husks, and pine needles using paper as a binding material. 

The participants expressed confidence in their ability to transfer the skills and knowledge they gained from the training to the Khumbu area. The participants plan to use the technique to make paper-based biobriquettes using waste paper (paper boxes, cartons, etc.) stored in Lukla and Namche Bazaar, which can then be use by hotels and restaurants in the area for cooking and heating. 

Participants making biobriquettes from paper

Biobriquettes made from paper and saw dust