Rucha Ghate

Senior NRM Governance Specialist


Rucha Ghate is Senior Governance and NRM Specialist at ICIMOD. Before joining ICIMOD she was working as Director (Research) at SHODH: The Institute for Research and Development, Nagpur, India. Rucha is a researcher with interest in common pool resources, collective action, and institutions. She has conducted several studies on the human aspect of natural resources – traditional knowledge, governance, and impact of government policies. She has also taught environmental economics and research methodology courses at Nagpur University, India; Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; TERI University, New Delhi; and Mekong Institute Foundation, Thailand. She has published in several international and national journals, authored two books, and co-edited one book. Rucha is a recipient of several fellowships, like the post-doctoral overseas fellowship in Environmental Economics, two writing fellowships at Indiana University in 2004, and 2011, the (shared) Karl Goran Maler scholarship at Beijer Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, in 2009, and at the University of Michigan, USA, in 2009.