South-South Exchange Workshop on Brick Technology and Policy



The objective is to exchange knowledge, share experience, and lessons learnt from introducing low-emission and improved efficiency technologies in the process of modernizing the brick sector by exploring technology, policy and regulatory issues commonly confronted by the industry in a number of regions of the world. The workshop also aims to bring together regional technical and policy brick kiln expertise to discuss a mechanism to promote the development and implementation of national strategies for cleaner brick production and put in place knowledge delivery networks to increase the rate of technology adoption.


Participants represent brick entrepreneurs; government officials from regulatory offices; country representatives from Hindu Kush-Himalayan region, Vietnam, Latin America and Africa; partners of the CCAC and representatives from relevant non-profit, international, and intergovernmental agencies.

Expected Outcome

The workshop is expected to bring the following outcome:

  • Better understanding of brick kiln technologies and policy interventions used in different countries
  • Information sharing among participants about CCAC and its activities
  • Direction to the BI/CCAC for the proposal, which will be submitted next month