Kathmandu University (KU)

Kathmandu University (KU) is an autonomous, not-for-profit, non-governmental institution dedicated to maintaining high standards of academic excellence in Nepal. It is committed to developing leaders in professional areas through quality education. Its vision is to become a world-class university devoted to bringing knowledge and technology to the service of mankind. Its mission is to provide quality education for leadership. The aims of the long-term strategy for its development are to achieve excellence in teaching; to provide strong support for its professional courses; and to strengthen research activities in the fields of environment, energy, medicinal plants, and information technology.

KU is committed to the overall development of the student as an investment to improving the quality of life for everyone in the nation. In general, it aims to accomplish this by promoting the all-round development of the student; and by developing awareness within its students about the role of science and its application in understanding the problems of contemporary society. It would like to become a source for extending and disseminating knowledge and fostering its application; and it would like to create a knowledge industry by accessing the sources of knowledge at the global level, processing them, and providing access. KU aspires to create a community of scholars, students, and staff in which understanding and wisdom can grow and flourish.

KU aims to become a research-cum-teaching university in science, management, engineering, medical sciences, arts, and education. Within the first 15 years after it was founded, KU has assembled a reasonable infrastructure and has established a good track record of academic excellence. At present, the university offers various undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes through its Schools of Science, Management, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Education, and Arts. A total of 3369 students study in its constituent campuses, and 4897 students in its affiliated colleges. KU strives to comprehensively enhance its own educational standards by motivating both staff and students. In recent times, KU has also successfully collaborated with more than fifty universities and international institutions of higher learning for faculty and students exchange programmes, credit transfers, joint research work, and exchange of information. KU is launching itself in the world community of learning.