International Development Enterprises (IDE) Nepal

International Development Enterprises (IDE) Nepal is a country programme of IDE International based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Since 1992, its mission has been to enable poor rural households in Nepal to participate effectively in agriculture market systems and to progress from subsistence to commercial farming. IDE helps smallholder farmers to harness their comparative advantages by facilitating market access, building profitable enterprises to market agricultural inputs, and providing embedded services. IDE links agricultural productivity to food security and improved nutrition by helping farm households to increase their income and make better choices. It currently implements programmes in 31 districts all over Nepal. 

IDE aims to reduce poverty by involving poor rural households in income generation activities, enabled by the introduction of appropriate water technologies and the development of integrated agricultural markets. 

Over the last 20 years, IDE has taken a leading role in the micro-irrigation revolution by developing and refining appropriate micro-irrigation technologies including drip systems, efficient micro sprinklers, treadle pumps, and water storage and distribution technologies. IDE Nepal has also established smallholder commercial pockets in public private partnership. The approach includes developing community-managed collection centres that enable market access. Collection centres are managed by marketing and planning committees elected from members, and entrepreneurs are selected to run the collection centres. These centres aggregate produce and provide key services such as linking with government, other projects, and the private sector to advocate for local development; explaining market concepts to rural populations, including the reasons for price differences between distant markets and meeting market requirements; and developing cropping plans with local traders to take advantage of off-season high-value opportunities, and accessing crop-appropriate inputs, credit, and extension services for member farmers.

IDE also works closely with Nepal government agencies in public private partnerships. IDE builds government capacity to implement the value-chain approach and to create an enabling environment by providing agricultural extension, research, market information, and infrastructure.