SERVIR Applied Sciences Team (AST) Research Fieldwork

SERVIR Applied Sciences Team (AST) research fieldwork is carried out from 21 April to 2 May 2013 at Seti and Madi River, Annapurna region. The main objective of this fieldwork is to collect ground data to find out more about the cause of the Seti flood, which occurred on 5 May 2012, as well as the floods of Madi River in Gopche in the past. Therefore, deposited sediments are sampled, the geology and morphology are mapped, the Seti Gorge is explored and the impacts are discussed with affected local people. This research is funded by SERVIR Applied Sciences Team, US, and conducted by Arizona University in collaboration with ICIMOD and Nepali partner organizations. The team includes geologists, geomorphologists, glaciologists, GIS/RS experts for hazard analysis scientist, and a team of climbing sherpas.