Integrated Model Development Workshop for the Koshi River Basin

A three-day workshop is being organized during 18-20 June 2013 by ICIMOD and CSIRO-eWater consortium at ICIMOD headquarter in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop intends to bring together stakeholders from the region to discuss the challenges and opportunities of an integrated modelling framework for the Koshi River basin. The modelling system is expected to allow for the integration of several major elements of the Koshi Basin Programme (KBP), such as research on cryosphere, hydrology, climate change, agriculture and hydropower, livelihood and hazard risk reduction. By integrating the various components of KBP, this modelling framework will lead to a better understanding of the hydrological system dynamics and multiple responses to the change drivers. Participants are invited from regional and international institutions to understand the relevant issues to be covered in the integrated modelling framework and also to share their experience and expertise in water resources assessment and planning at a river basin scale.