Workshop on ICIMOD Glacier Database Working Group meeting


The first ever detailed glacier inventory of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region was published by ICIMOD in 2011. This one-day workshop is being organized with a motive to get the ICIMOD glacier database reviewed and published in scientific journals. Professionals from the University of Arizona, US, will be attending the workshop. 

The objective of this workshop is to develop a broad outline for the development of scientific paper using the glacier inventory for submission to a journal. ICIMOD’s technical experts will deliver a detailed presentation about the methodology and data sets used to map the glaciers of Hindu Kush Himalayan region, including the analysis of image processing, glacier digitization, hypsometry extraction, and interpretation or discussion of results during the workshop.


Basanta ShresthaFinu Shrestha, Jeff Kargel, Greg Leonard, Michael Bishop, MSR MurthyPradeep MoolSamjwal Bajracharya, Sarina Lama,Sudan Maharjan