Fact sheets

The NEPCAT network published a first set of fact sheets on SLM technologies and approaches in 2008 in the WOCAT format and inspired by WOCAT’s ‘Where the land is greener’ overview book. The fact sheets were printed to facilitate sharing with a wider audience, as well as being made available online. They were designed to support the efforts of rural development, and to provide ideas for decision makers, development workers, and land users. The fact sheets were welcomed by many programmes and departments in Nepal and the wider Hindu Kush Himalayan region. Now a second set of sheets has been prepared in 2013 with more new and promising technological packages and SLM good practices that have been successfully implemented in Nepal and are suitable for replication and scaling up. In line with the increasing use of the Internet, these are all now being published online in a form suitable for printing out by the user. 

The NEPCAT experiences are compiled in this electronic database to facilitate sharing with a wider audience in Nepal and in other countries with similar climatic conditions in the Himalayan region. It is hoped that this initiative will grow as other institutions contribute fact sheets on promising technologies and approaches they have worked on. The aim is to enlarge the basket of options for natural resource management and encourage growth of an open loose network of institutions and organisations in Nepal to share information on their experiences with different technologies and related approaches. It is hoped that these options will also include farmers’ innovations and technologies based on indigenous knowledge.