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Closing of the e-discussion on gender and climate change in the Himalayas


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Brigitte Leduc wrote at 2009-10-26 15:48 GMT
Dear Participants,

After three weeks of exchanges, it is now time to close this e-discussion. This e-conference on gender and climate change in the Himalayas has been an enriching experience in sharing and learning knowledge and experiences from the Himalayan region as well as from South East Asia, South America and Africa.

In brief, most of the participants agreed that both women and men are affected by climate change impacts but differently vulnerable. They also both play an essential role in adapting to their changing environment; however, women’s role and capacities are often overlooked. Mechanisms to support adaptation strategies must be gender sensitive in order address potential differential needs of women and men and tap on their respective knowledge and skills to make those strategies efficient and sustainable.

The summary of the e-discussion will be prepared very soon and be utilized in an advocacy initiative to promote gender mainstreaming and the mountain perspective in climate change adaptation strategies at the next COP meeting in Copenhagen in December. This summary will be available in ICIMOD website soon.

On behalf of ICIMOD and the Asia Pacific Mountain Network (APMN), we would like to warmly thank all the participants for their insightful contributions.
We would also like to thank Mr. Tek Jung Mahat and Mr. Deependra Tandukar for the overall technical coordination of the e-discussion and Ms Frances Klatzel for preparing the summary of each week and the final report of the e-discussion.

Thank you very much once again for your contribution towards the success of this discussion! We would like to invite you all to stay in touch: keep us informed about interesting initiatives in your region in integrating the gender perspective in climate change adaptation in the Himalayas so that we can all keep on learning from each other’s experience.

Warm regards from the Himalayas,

Ms Brigitte Leduc, Division Head
Gender and Governance Division, ICIMOD


Mr. Daan Boom, Coordinator
Integrated Knowledge Management

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