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KMC provides a wealth of expertise both internally and externally to ensure that the right information reaches the right audiences through the right medium.

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As an institution, ICIMOD serves as an open house for knowledge initiatives on sustainable mountain development and our information and knowledge are communicated through publications, databases, multimedia, and web content, all of which are available globally online.

Looking to the future, new communications and interactive knowledge sharing tools are quickly becoming the global norm and are providing further momentum to knowledge management efforts. We seek to keep up-to-date about these global innovations while remaining relevant to the socio-cultural context of the region.

Means of knowledge sharing include:

  • promoting capacity development at many levels, including among youth, most importantly to help partners and policy makers transform the results of research into information that can be used for improved decision making and practical action;
  • distilling and communicating relevant messages for action towards sustainable mountain development at all levels; and
  • encouraging partners to be actively involved in the knowledge development cycle.


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Success stories

Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Building a member-led consortium
Building a member-led consortium
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
From strength to strength
From strength to strength

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Introducing new technologies

The ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari is a research facility unlike any other in the world. Used to test, select, and demonstrate different technologies, the findings established here are passed directly on to inhabitants of the HKH.

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