Sushil Raj Pandey

Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist for Development of ICT, Knowledge Management and Communication

My role at ICIMOD

Sushil Pandey is a Nepalese national and currently works in the area of ICT for Development (Information and Communication Technology for Development) under the Knowledge Management and Communication unit , whereby he is strengthening the programmatic functions of the Centre to use ICT in their socio-economic development efforts across the region. Some of these areas include topics ranging from livelihoods, climate change, water and air, ecosystem services, market information, advisory information services. He had earlier served progressively in various IT related responsibilities, capacity building initiatives, knowledge sharing platforms development within the Centre, including leading the IT team . He is equally interested in the area of ICT and Climate Change, green ICT, mobile applications for development, and have undertaken trainings and published some case studies and articles in these areas as well.

Mr Pandey has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Regional Engineering College (NIT), Trichy, India. Prior to joining ICIMOD, he worked as a Systems Analyst at the Regional Computer Centre of AIT and even earlier as a Systems Developer in a project on management information systems at the Ministry of Finance, Nepal.

Mr Pandey has served as a member of the Panel of Authors on all the printed edition of Digital Review of Asia Pacific and produced biennial reviews on ICT in Nepal. He has also been jury members in various regional ICT for development award functions, namely Manthan, mbillionth, a number of hackathon events. He is well networked with various ICT and ICT for development institutions in the region and beyond.

Sushil Raj Pandey