Lalu Maya Kadel

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

My role at ICIMOD

Lalu Maya Kadel, joined ICIMOD in August 2013, is a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. She has extensive experience working in major domains of programme design, strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Her expertise covers programme development and planning, gender responsive monitoring and evaluation system design, mixed method evaluation, result-based management, capacity building and training, and programme quality assurance. She has a proven track record of being instrumental in bringing a gender and equity focus to several organizations for the effective management of gendered outcomes.

Kadel has played leading roles in developing and/or strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation system, developing gender sensitive indicators, M&E Frameworks and Tools aligned with program theory of change (TOC) and impact pathway at ICIMOD. Her particular areas of interest are sustainable, equitable and people-centric development, research, and knowledge management. Her experience derives from direct involvements with DANIDA/NARMSAP, CARE Nepal, UNFPA, Practical Action South Asia Regional Office and ICIMOD. She holds an MSc in Statistics, an MA in Sociology, and a BSc in Forestry and General Science.

Lalu Maya Kadel