Inka Koch

Glacio - Hydrologist, Water and Air

My role at ICIMOD

Inka Koch has been working with the Cryosphere Initiative at ICIMOD as a glacier hydrologist since 2015. Her research in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region focuses on snow as a water resource. She also studies impurities in snow. She regularly coordinates hydrometeorological fieldwork with local and international partners, mainly in Bhutan and Nepal. She is responsible for the maintenance of meteorological and river discharge stations during these high altitude expeditions.

Koch received her doctorate from the University of Otago in New Zealand where she investigated the formation and stability of an ice shelf in Antarctica using an approach combining field measurements, laboratory investigations, and numerical simulations. Prior to this, she investigated proxies for past climate in the Arctic through ice cores for her master’s research at the University of Alberta in Canada.

Originally from Germany, Koch is curious to understand the processes driving cryosphere changes around the globe. This has led her to take up work and study opportunities in the UK, Canada, US, New Zealand, Norway, Belgium, and finally Nepal. The direct significance of the cryosphere to people downstream in Nepal and the HKH is the main motivator for her work at ICIMOD. Inka hopes that the efforts of the Cryosphere Initiative and partners are positively influencing regional policies such as air pollution mitigation.

Inka Koch