Denis Samyn

Senior Advisor, Water and Air

My role at ICIMOD

Denis Samyn works as a Glaciologist in the Water and Air Initiative under the River Basins and Cryosphere Regional Programme at ICIMOD. Before moving to Nepal to conduct research in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, Samyn worked as a postdoctoral researcher at various universities and research institutions in Europe and Japan. Samyn’s research overarches transversal topics in cryospheric and geological sciences, using different kinds of techniques and at various scales. Before completing his PhD in Glaciology at the University of Brussels, Belgium, Samyn graduated with an MSc in Geology from the University of Louvain, Belgium, where he also graduated with postgraduate degrees in Archaeology & Art History and Applied Geomatics.

Samyn has worked on the micro-structural and geochemical characterization of basal ice sequences retrieved from tunnels in Antarctic glaciers (Dry Valleys), marine ice dynamics from the Nansen and McMurdo Ice Shelves in Antarctica, and the deformation history of the deeper parts of the North Greenland Ice Core Project (NorthGRIP) and North Greenland Eemian Deep Ice Drilling (NEEM) international ice core programmes. He has also conducted research on the paleo-permafrost dynamics in Arctic Siberia, the reconstruction of nitrogen and sulphate atmospheric budgets from Svalbard ice fields, and the deglaciation dynamics of African tropical glaciers.

Denis Samyn