Chi Huyen Truong

Programme Coordinator - Himalayan University Consortium, Mountain Knowledge and Action Networks

My role at ICIMOD

Dr Chi Huyen Truong joined ICIMOD in March 2016 as Programme Coordinator of Himalayan University Consortium. She is an anthropologist by training and had conducted ethnographic research on de-collectivization, migration, and post-socialist transition in Vietnam. Her recent research interests include social memory, gender, education for indigenous/ethnic minority children, child poverty, and post-disaster livelihood recovery and resilience in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Nepal. She authored articles on Moussons (Recherches en Sciences Sociales sur l’Asie du Sud-Est, 2015) and Children and Society (2010) and contributed chapters in edited volumes published by University of Hawaii Press (2014), Stanford University Press (2009) and Singapore Institute of Southeast Asia Press (2004 & 2011).

She taught in Vietnam National University and Vietnam’s Academy of Social Sciences (2001-2004), served as Lead Qualitative Researcher for Young Lives – an International Study of Childhood Poverty in Vietnam (Oxford University, 2008-2010), and held a Senior Research Fellowship at Asia Research Institute (National University of Singapore, 2007) and Australian Government Endeavour Award Fellowship at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (Australian National University, 2011). Apart from being active in building a regional network of Southeast Asian scholars, she coordinated a number of curriculum building, training and international collaborative research projects funded by The Ford Foundation and The Toyota Foundation.

Dr Truong earned a B.A. in History and Ethnology from Vietnam National University (1996), a Ph.D. in Anthropology from University of Toronto (2001), and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University (2005-06).

Chi Huyen Truong