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‘There is no time left.’

Mountain communities, climbers and scientists sound alarm from Everest for world leaders to decarbonise now.

Human activity has pushed Earth’s systems close to tipping points beyond which it will be extremely challenging to sustain life.

The tallest mountain on earth, Everest – or Chomolungma, Goddess, Mother of the World, as it is known in Tibetan, is undergoing unprecedented and largely irreversible change.

Emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture and deforestation are warming the planet to such an extent that two-thirds of the 54,000 glaciers, holding 6,000 km3 of ice, across the Hindu Kush Himalaya mountain range are at risk of vanishing.

As scientists warn of the 1.5°C threshold being passed – even if just temporarily – in the next five years, global warming threatens to unleash catastrophe across the Hindu Kush Himalayas: jeopardising the lives and livelihoods of 240 million people in the mountains and 1.65 billion more people downstream.

On glaciers that surround Everest, ice has thinned by over 100 metres in just six decades, and the rate of thinning has nearly doubled since 2009.  Imja Lake, in the Everest region, is one of the most dangerous glacial lakes in Nepal. The Khumbu Glacier, which is the iconic starting point for most expeditions, is precariously close to melting.

Dangerous climate change has already reached this region, causing catastrophic floods, droughts, heatwaves and other natural disasters. Nobody is safe, but, in a region where more than half the population are malnourished, the most vulnerable will be the hardest hit. These trends are set to worsen as the planet warms. There is no time left. To borrow a phrase from mountaineering, there is now just the narrowest of windows in which to act.

We – mountain communities, climbers and scientists – stand at the top of the world today, 70 years after humanity’s first ascent of Everest, to call for governments and business leaders and every man, woman and child across the world to come together to protect Earth’s mountains, snow, and ice.

With even 1.5 degrees of warming too hot for the Hindu Kush Himalaya and the quarter of humanity who live within or rely on it, every fraction of a degree matters. We urge leaders of all nations: make real on your commitments to make rapid and deep emission cuts, end all new coal, gas and oil exploration, and accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

We are calling for the protection of natural ecosystems; the scaling up of work to halt deforestation while increasing afforestation and reforestation; much greater investment and faster flows of funding in climate resilience and adaptation, including early-warning systems for all mountain communities; greater recognition and integration of local and indigenous communities in decision-making; and greater international cooperation and funding for loss and damage.

In signing this declaration, we pledge our commitment to fight to prevent the worst climate impacts – to fight to protect and restore our planet. Choices made now will decide all our futures.

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    List of Signatures

    Signed by 2,172 people, including:

    S.No. First Name Last Name Country Occupation
    1 Aakansha Sharma Nepal Student
    2 AAKASH UPADHYAY India Research Scholar
    3 Aakriti Jalan Dhanawat Nepal Entrepreneur
    4 Aaron Shimmons United Kingdom Content Creator
    5 Aarya Shrestha Nepal Student Economist
    6 Aashish Kandel Nepal Businessman
    7 Aashish Gautam Nepal Surveying Engineer
    8 Aavash Aryal Nepal Mountaineering Graduate
    9 Aayusha Shrestha Nepal Registered Nurse
    10 Abash Paudel Nepal Student
    11 Abby Grozine USA Attorney
    12 Abdollah Ashtari Iran Retired teacher
    13 Abdul Ali Achakzai Afghanistan Volunteer member whith EPTDO-EVN
    14 Abdul Ghayoor Shokory Afghanistan Gis and Remote Sensing
    15 Abdul Haseeb Azizi Germany Junior researcher (PhD. Student)
    16 Abdul Hasib Salehi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    17 Abdul Qayeum Karim Afghanistan Kabul University Professor (Afghanistan), Environmental Engineering
    18 Abdul Samad Sahak Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    19 Abdulbaqi Achekzai Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    20 Abdulhadi Achakzai Afghanistan Environmental Activist | Founder & CEO of EPTDO
    21 Abdulmanan Youn AFGHANISTAN No job
    22 Abdulwahab Abasin Afghanistan Vaccinator
    23 Abhinandan Baniya Nepal Electrical Engineer
    24 Abhishek Karn Nepal Civil Engineer and Building Energy Consultant
    25 Abhishek Dixit USA UI/UX
    26 Abhishesh Nepal Nepal Student
    27 Abhushan Neupane Nepal Hydropower Engineer
    28 Abid Mehmood UK Academic
    29 Abid Hussain Pakistan
    30 Abinash Guragain Nepal Program Manager
    31 Abraham Acheson Northern Ireland Retail Manager
    32 Achala Sharma Nepal
    33 Achille Jouberton Switzerland PhD Student at WSL
    34 Achyut Tiwari Nepal Professor
    35 Adam Vidrine United States Consultant
    36 Adeel Saeed Pakistan Journalism
    37 Aditya Khare Nepal Student
    38 Adrià Blanco Cabanillas Canada Phd in Cryosphere & Remote Sensing
    39 Adtian Martinez Sweden Music Industry
    40 Agnieszka Windak PL Software Engineer
    41 Agostino Da Polenza Italia Presidente EVK2CNR
    42 Ahmad Mahdavi Iran Professor emeritus at University of Tehran, Ph.D., entomologist/ ecotoxicologist/ ICT for agriculture and environment, Focal point for FAO- Mountain Partnership in the University of Tehran
    43 Ahmad Mahmood Pakistan Teacher
    44 Ahmad Khan United States Research Scientist
    45 Ahmad Fateh Yousofzai Afghanistan Senior Climate Finance Advisor
    46 Ahmad Fawad Nasimzai Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    47 Ahmadyar Dawlatzai Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    48 Ajay Rana India Researcher
    49 Ajay Godara India Glaciologist
    50 Ajay raj Ojha Nepal Veterinarian
    51 Ajaz Ali Pakistan
    52 Akanksha Agrawal Nepal Housewife
    53 Akash Rajendra Kumar India 8th Grade Student
    54 Akhbila Limbu nepal Finance Manager
    55 Akhilesh Kumar Karna Nepal Engineer
    56 AKSHAY SUNIL India Researcher
    57 Alba ALcoba Lopez Spain Militry
    58 Alba Rodríguez Tapia Spain Student
    59 Albert Roquet Spain Education
    60 Albert Artís Spain Trainer
    61 Albert Bosch España Speaker – Adventure
    63 Alberto Millan Spain Climate and Nature Finance Advisor
    64 Alberto PItzianti Italy It pm
    65 Aleah Sommers USA Research Scientist (engineer/glaciologist), Dartmouth College
    66 Aleksandar Nušić Serbia Psychologist
    67 Alex Mackey Switzerland
    68 Alex Rana Us Pr
    69 Alex Verhaest Belgium Teacher / director
    70 Alexandra Tomaselli Italy Researcher
    71 Alexandre Magnan France Research fellow
    72 Alexandre Romieu France
    73 Alexandrine Massot switzerland
    74 Alexis Warden USA Higher Education
    75 Alexis Gaborieau France
    76 Alfredo de Juan Spain
    77 Ali Mousavi Iran Employee
    78 Ali Rehmat Pakistan Environmental Researcher
    79 Alina Maharjan Nepal
    80 Aline LEPRINCE-VION France Physio
    81 Allison Bozzi USA / Italy Outreach Expert at the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, UN FAO
    82 alok Maskey Nepal business
    83 Álvaro Rodríguez Bonel Spain
    84 Aman Ahuja India Urban Planner
    85 Aman KC Nepal Student
    86 Ambica Shrestha Nepal Enterprenuer
    87 Ambika Pandey Nepal MSME founder
    88 Amina Maharjan Nepal
    89 Aminul Haq Rawan Afghanistan No
    90 Aminullah Badinzai Afghanistan Car Driver
    92 Amjad Ali Pakistan Professor
    93 Ammara Farooq Malik Pakistan Impact & Environmental Lawyer, Impact Business & Sustainability Expert
    94 Amrei Juppien Germany
    95 Amrit Thapa United States Student
    96 Amrit Shrestha Nepal Student
    97 Amrit Man Nakarmi Nepal Professor and Coordinator,Energy systems planning and Analysis Unit, Center for Energy Studies, IOE/TU
    98 Amrita Singh India Researcher
    99 Amy Syaf Malaysia Analyst
    100 Amy Morgan United Kingdom student
    101 An Cornelis België Psychologist
    102 Ana Calvo Sweden Communicaitons
    103 Ana de la Cruz Hernández Hernández España Maestra
    104 ANA MARÍA PONCE CALDERÓN Perú HimalAndes Initiative Focal Point
    105 Anaïs Corompt France Student
    106 Anamaya Upadhyay Nepal Project Manager/Civil Engineer
    107 Anamol Mittal Nepal Strategy Consultant
    108 Anant Kansal India
    109 Ananta Gajurel Nepal Professor
    110 Ánchel Belmonte España Geologist
    111 Andrea Omizzolo Italy Researcher
    112 Andrea Bressi Italy Manager
    113 Andrea Mondini Italy Medical Doctor
    114 Andreas Kääb Norway Professor in Geosciences
    115 Andrew Williams CA Power Engineer
    116 Andrew Davies UK IT Engineer
    117 Andrew Beattie New Zealand
    118 Andrew Whitehorn United Kingdom Environmental and Sustainability Adviser
    119 Andrew Hall United Kingdom Retired diplomat
    120 Andy Jeanson Usa Teacher
    121 Aneel Piryani Nepal Programme Officer
    122 Aneel Piryani Pakistan Management
    123 Aneka Rebecca Rajbhandari Nepal Researcher
    124 Ang Dolma Sherpa Nepal Social entrepreneur
    125 Ang Jangbu Sherpa Nepal
    126 Ang Phuri Sherpa Nepal
    127 Angela Ford Australia
    128 Angelika Grodna-Pantera France Legal
    129 Angus Macdonald Hong Kong Climber, retired Company Director and Trustee, The Himalayan Trust UK
    130 Angus Macdonald Hong Kong Trustee, The Himalayan Trust UK
    131 Anil Parajuli Nepal Development sector
    132 Anil Silwal Nepal Environmentalist
    133 Anil JHA Nepal
    134 Anil Raj Bajracharya Nepal Service
    135 Aniruddh Pareek India Physiotherapist
    136 Anisa Dhakal Nepal Student
    137 Anita Sharma India Phd research scholar
    138 Anjna Kumari India Govt. Employee
    139 Anju Bhandari Nepal Forestry Student
    140 Ankit Khanal Nepal Space Science Researcher
    141 Ankit Rawat India
    142 Ankur Adhikari Nepal
    143 Anna Boyer New Zealand Heritage Advisor
    144 Anna Bicskei Cyprus Cycling tour guide
    145 Anna Borràs Belgium Civil servant
    146 Anna OBURA Kenya educationist
    147 Anna Sinisalo Norway Principal expert, Polar and Climate Programme
    148 Anna Rebecca Bishop United Kingdom Project Manager
    149 Annabel Fisher Switzerland Professionnel athlète (cycling + ski)
    150 Annabel Barnes Portugal Teacher
    151 Annabelle Bladon United Kingdom Researcher
    152 Annamaria Forgione Italy Restauranteur
    153 Anne Tardy Portugal Translator
    154 Anne Payre Austria French Engineer, leaving in Austria in love of mountains
    155 Anne Wdowiak France Student in finance
    156 Annie Gardner Vaidya Nepal
    157 Annie Dare Nepal
    158 Anselm Arndt Germany Glaciology
    159 Anshu Pandey Nepal Media Associate
    160 Anssi Auvinen Finland Software developer
    161 Anthonia Soosai Nepal Director
    162 anthony van de ven Belgium Civil Servant
    163 Anthony Carbonne France
    164 Anthony Van de ven België Civil servant
    165 Antoine Crouillebois France CentraleSupelec Student
    166 Antoine Parrenin Netherlands PhD in physics
    167 Antonette D'Sa India Energy-economics analyst
    168 Antonia Rigo Spain Student
    169 Antonio Rivero Spain Administrative
    170 Anu Shrestha Nepal
    171 Anu Lama Nepal
    172 Anup Naik India UrbanFrame Pvt Ltd
    173 Anup Raj Dhungana Nepal Civil Engineer
    174 anushka tuladhar Nepal Registered Nurse
    175 Anzila Bajracharya Nepal Student
    176 Aradhana Malla Nepal Business
    177 Arati Devkota Nepal Civil engineer
    178 Arati Gurung Nepal Program Associate in Non- profit organization
    179 Arbindra Shrestha Nepal Environmentalist in Hydropower Project
    180 Arbindra Khadka Nepal Student
    181 Ariadna Anisimov USA Researcher
    182 Arial Antonin France Student
    183 Arianna Crosta Italy PhD Candidate in ecology of glacial areas
    185 Arif Hussain Pakistan GIS Associate
    186 Arjun Ojha Nepal Student
    187 Arnab Singh Nepal Meteorologist
    188 Arnau Cabré Spain
    189 Arnaud Cauchois France ADB country Director – Nepal Resident Mission
    190 Arnico Panday Nepal
    191 Arshad Ashraf Pakistan Water scientist in Public department
    192 Arshad Mahmood India Professor
    193 Arshini Saikia India
    194 Arthi Ramachandran Canada Polar science advisor
    195 Arthur Clement France Student
    196 Arti Sinha India WRD Engineer
    197 ARUL KUMAR India Self occupied
    198 Arun Shrestha Nepal Agro-tourism
    199 Arun Pokharel Nepal Business
    200 Arun Shrestha Nepal
    201 Arup Rajouria Nepal Chairman , Climate Change and Co-existence
    202 Asad Aziz Pakistan Lecturer
    203 Asadullah Ibrahimi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    204 Asha Dangol Nepal
    205 Asha Sharma Nepal Civil servant
    206 Ashanti Sosa Taiwan Grad Student
    207 Ashfaq Mohammed United Kingdom Banking
    208 Ashim Joshi Nepal Researcher
    209 Ashim Raj Upadhayaya Nepal Student
    210 Ashima Shrestha Nepal INGO
    211 Ashish Sapkota Australia Information Technology
    212 Ashish Srivastava India Veterinarian
    213 Ashmita Shakya Nepal
    214 Ashmita Chhatkuli UK Student
    215 Ashmita Poudel Nepal
    216 Ashok Sharma India Assistant Professor
    217 Ashok Pokharel Nepal
    218 Ashra Wickramathilaka United States Urban Planner
    219 Ashraf Muhammad Pakistan Chairman of a research council
    220 Ashween Lama Nepal
    221 Asif Iqbal Pakistan GIS Analyst
    222 Aslam Qadamov Tajikistan Post-doctoralFellow
    223 Asma Khalil Austria PhD Scholar
    224 Atiqullah Shadab Afghanistan IT manager
    225 Augusta Almeida Ferri Ecuador independent consultant
    226 Augusto Capone Austria Engineer
    227 Auni Gurung India Student
    228 Aupar Ahmed Bangladesh Mountaineer
    229 Avash Pandey Nepal
    230 Avishek Malla Nepal Energy Specialist
    231 Aymeric LAGRANGE France Student
    232 Ayush Karmacharya Nepal Civil Engineer
    233 Ayushma Rana Nepal
    234 Ayushree Gautam Nepal S
    235 Azahara Minguet Segui Spain Educadora Social
    236 Azalague Guillem France Anesthesist nurse
    237 Azamat Oruzbaev Kyrgyzstan Phd
    238 Azhar Qureshi Pakistan Non-Profit Organization
    239 Aziz Abdi Iran I am the founder of a climbing club and I have a real estate agency
    240 Babar Khan Nepal Ecologist
    241 Babar Khan Pakistan Ecologist
    242 Badri Paudyal Nepal Journalism
    243 Baidya Nath Mahto Nepal Vice Chancellor
    244 Baidya Nath Mahto Nepal Gov.Job
    245 Baker Perry United States of America Professor, Appalachian State University
    246 Baktybek Abdrisaev United States Lecturer at Utah Valley University
    247 Bandana Shakya Nepal
    248 Barnan Pradhanang Nepal
    249 Barry Dalal-Clayton UK Environmental consultant
    250 Barsha Pradhanang Nepal
    251 Barsha Rani Gurung Nepal Development practitioner
    252 Basant Pratap Singh Nepal journalist
    253 Basu Dev POudel Nepal Environmental officer
    254 Batu Uprety Nepal Former Head, Climate Change Management Division, Government of Nepal
    255 Beatriz Bertomeu France
    256 beena shrestha Nepal Office
    257 Behnam Arvaz Iran
    258 BeiLei Li China China Telecom
    259 Belinda Edwards United Kingdom Retired
    260 Benazeer Iqbal Pakistan PhD Scholar
    261 Benedikt Becsi Austria Climate scientist
    262 Benjamin Clark Usa Film Director
    263 Benoît Gaillard Canada Software dev
    264 Bernat Grauges Spain Student
    265 Bertrand Bessagnet Italy Senior Scientist on Air Pollution at European Commission
    266 Betty Woodsend Nepal Retired from US Government
    267 Bhanu Pratap India Scientist
    268 Bhaskar Vira United Kingdom/India University academic
    269 Bhaskar Joshi India Researcher
    270 Bhaskar Singh Karky Nepal
    271 Bhawana Syangden Nepal Service
    272 Bhawani Neupane Nepal Teacher
    273 Bhim Adhikari Canada Climate and international development professional
    274 Bhola Giri Australia IT Professional
    275 Bhupesh Adhikary Nepal
    276 Bhushan GAUTAM Nepal Engineer
    277 Bhuwan Awasthi Nepal Program Officer (Geo-hazards)
    278 Bibek raj Giri Nepal Public health research
    279 Bibhushan Timsina Nepal
    280 Bibhushan Neupane Nepal
    281 Bibishika Khanal Nepal Legal Support Coordinator, Student
    282 Bidhya Rai Nepal Journalist
    283 Bidur Paudel Nepal Employee NGOs
    284 Bidya Banmali Pradhan NEPAL
    285 Bijay Kumar Shrestha Nepal
    286 BIJAYA DALLAKOTI Nepal Student
    287 Biju Mathew USA Engineer
    288 Bikash Dhungana Nepal Social Worekr
    289 Bikash Acchhami Nepal Account & Finance
    290 Bikram Shakya Nepal
    291 Bikram Lama Nepal Student
    292 Bikramjit Sinha India Service
    293 Bili Bierling Germany Journalist
    294 Bimal Bahadur Kunwar Nepal Research Scholar
    295 Bimal kumar Acharya Nepal Research officer
    296 Bimala Sigdel Nepal Geomatics Engineer
    297 BIMALA LAMA Nepal Forest researcher
    298 Binay Neupane Nepal Banking
    299 Binaya Pasakhala Nepal
    300 Binesh Tuladhar Nepal IT Manager
    301 Binisha Pradhan Nepal Student
    302 Binita Nepali Nepal Researcher
    303 Binod Blon Nepal Education
    304 Binod Bhatta Nepal Forester-Environmentalist
    305 Bipin Aryal Nepal Student
    306 Biraj Adhikari Nepal
    307 Birendra Bajracharya Nepal
    308 Bishakha Sharma India Service
    309 Bishnu Hamal Australia
    310 Bishnu Kharel Nepal Climate and DRR Activist
    311 Bishwa Poudyal Nepal Student
    312 Bivaan Neupane Nepal
    313 Blair BAS United Kingdom Polar Field Guide
    314 Blandine Pouleau Switzerland Biologist
    315 Bodo Ahrens Germany Professor for Meteorology, Goethe University Frankfurt
    316 Bolot Moldobekov Kyrgyzstan Co-director of Central-Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences
    317 Bosello Simona Switzerland Global business head
    318 Brajesh Jha Nepal Healthcare Manager
    319 Brajesh Jha Nepal Pharmaceutical supply chain manager
    320 Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma India Academic
    321 Brenda Brainch Kenya
    322 Brett Buzzanga US Scientist
    323 Brian Anderson New Zealand Scientist
    324 Brian Dunne Spain HR Manager
    325 Brian Soans India Strategic and Planning
    326 Brian Peniston United States Snow Leopard Conservancy
    327 Brid Hennessy France
    328 Brinda Bhattacharya Nepal
    329 Broughton Coburn United States Writer, consultant
    330 Bruno simoes Brazil System developer and agricultor
    331 Bruno Figueredo Spain Deportist
    332 Buddhi Karki Nepal Service
    333 Burhan Ahmad Pakistan Climate Scientist
    334 C Hilton GB
    335 C D United Kingdom Civil servant
    336 Caca Pipi Pologne ?
    337 candice mom france student
    338 Carina Ahlqvist Sweden Earth Science student, Explorer
    339 Carl Bruessow Malawi Environmentalist
    340 Carla Collins South Africa Yacht crew
    341 Carlos Granera Costa Rica
    342 Carlos Jone Mozambique Project Manager
    343 Carlos Avila-Bello Mexico Research-professor
    344 Carmen Ramos Domenech ES Doctor
    345 Carmen Calle Peru Communications Coordinator
    346 Carolina Adler Switzerland
    347 Caroline Kemsley-Pein UK Solicitor
    348 Carolyn Mills United Kingdom Project Lead – Project Nepalaya
    349 Carrie Beadle France Climber
    350 Caspar Schiffers Netherlands
    351 Catherine Gautier United States Retired professor
    352 Cathryn King Australia
    353 Cecile Fruman USA World Bank Director
    354 Cecile OTHON France
    355 Cécile OTHON France
    356 Cesar David Martinez Colombia Book author – Nature Photographer
    357 Chaitanya pande India Graphic designer
    358 Chaman Gul China Teaching and Research
    359 Chaman Gul China Professor
    360 Chandan Singha India Academics
    361 Chandan Tamang Nepal student
    362 Charrier Stéphanie France
    363 Charu Arjyal Nepal Service
    364 CHARU CHADHA Nepal
    365 che linping china employee
    366 chen xiaoyi Guiyang engineer
    367 Chengzhi CAI 中国 Professor
    368 Cherrila Bhutia India Assistant Professor
    369 Chhewang Lama Nepal Tourism Entrepreneurs
    370 Chien-Feng Hsu Taiwan Lighting technician
    371 Chimi Dema Bhutan Student
    372 Chimi Rinzin Bhutan Wwf
    373 chimi wangmo Australia Student
    374 Chimi Gem Bhutan Civil engineer
    375 Chimi Seldon Bhutan
    376 Chiron Olivier pascal France Lecturer intervenant in himalayan studies
    377 Chloé Gomichon France Student
    378 Chris Pappas USA Business and Project Manager
    379 Chris Parkes United Kingdom Photography
    380 Chrisma Dsouza India Researcher
    381 Christina Leas United States Researcher
    382 Christina Leas USA Researcher
    383 Christina Kansakar Nepal Manager
    384 Christine Baum Australia Pharmacist
    385 Ciaran O'Hanrahan South Africa Environmental Researcher
    386 Ciro Guadarrama México Ophthalmologist
    387 Claire Joffe GB
    388 Claire Laurent France
    389 Claire Newman New Zealand Manager, not for profit
    390 Claire Burkert United States Writer
    391 Clare Meehan Uk Accountant
    392 Clare Shakya United Kingdom Researcher
    393 Claudia Simms Abram United Kingdom Marketing Director
    394 Cole Mazurana United States Student
    395 colin monteath New Zealand mountain photographer
    396 Coline BOUCHAYER Norway PhD research fellow
    397 Cong Zhiyuan China Scientific Research
    398 Coordinator Worldconnectors Nederland Coordinator
    399 Cory Finding United States
    400 Cottez Martin France
    401 Craig Leeson Australia Filmmaker, writer, producer and director of The Last Glaciers (IMAX), writer and director of A Plastic Ocean, narrator, speaker, explorer.
    402 Cristabel Rocha Spain Administrative
    403 Cristian Villarroel Argentina Research / Professor
    404 Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio United Kingdom Nonprofit
    405 Crush Dude Nepal Designer
    406 Dago Retty Bhutan ICIMOD
    407 Daina Ghale United Kingdom Environmental consultant
    408 Dakshata Shah Nepal Education
    409 Dale Davis Australia Public health
    410 Damchen Zangmo Bhutan ICT Officer
    411 Daniel Beswick UK Finance
    412 Daniel Newman Italy Facilitator
    413 Daniela Lerario Brazil Biologist/ Climate Change activist
    414 Danilo Godone Italy Researcher at National Research Council
    415 Danut UNGUREANU Romania director – National Agency of the Mountain Area
    416 Darren Crook United Kingdom Principal Lecturer in Human Geography
    417 Dave Morris Scotland, UK Environmental campaigner
    418 David Clara Italy Student
    419 David Serrahima Spain Sports Marketing
    420 David Molden USA Former DG, ICIMOD
    421 David Spiby UK retired
    422 David Rippin UK Glaciologist and University Senior Lecturer
    423 David Tomney Uk Press officer
    424 David Pine India New Zealand Ambassador to Nepal
    425 David Gaspar Spain Construction engineering
    426 Davod Vigil España Delineante
    427 Dawa Sherpa United States Social Safeguards Technical Specialist
    428 Dawa futi Sherpa Nepal Climber
    429 Dawa Tshering Sherpa Nepal Glaciologist
    430 Daya Sagar Shrestha Nepal Sustainable Development activist
    431 Dean Jacobsen Denmark Professor
    432 Deb Gurung Australia Social work
    433 Debaki Ale Magar Nepal
    434 Debanjana Dey India Policy Fellow
    435 Debomitra Sil India Student
    436 Debomitra Sil India Student
    437 Deedar Karim Pakistan Geologist, Geo-hazard Expert
    438 Deeji Maharjan Nepal Environmental Science Bachelor Student
    439 Deekshya Nakarmi Nepal Project Assistant
    440 Dejene Biru Kekeba Ethiopia GEF SGP National coordinator
    441 Deki Wangmo Bhutan Sr. Lecturer
    442 Delo Isa France
    443 DeMark Schulze USA Foreign Service Officer
    444 Dena Rana United States Student
    445 Denkars Getaway Bhutan Trekker , Blogger & Environmentalist
    446 Désirée Treichler Norway Researcher, University of Oslo, Norway
    447 Devang Patel Usa Sales
    448 Dhan Maya Monger Bhutan Matron
    449 Dhanendra Singh India Assistant Professor (Snow/Glacier Studies)
    450 Dharma Raj Dhakal Nepal Earth science graduate
    451 Dharma Ratna Maharjan Nepal
    452 diana kr Germany
    453 Diana Crossan New Zealand Board Director
    454 Diana Agostina Ortiz Germany Geophysicist
    455 Diane Guertin Canada Retired
    456 Diane Mckinnon New Zealand Retired
    457 Dibas Shrestha Nepal Professor
    458 Diego Mendaña Spain
    459 Digambar Dahal Nepal Forestry
    460 Dikra Bajgai Nepal
    461 Dilare Polat China Expedition organizer ,Project manager
    462 Dina Rapp Norway
    463 Dinesh Ghale Nepal Program officer, Red Panda Network
    464 Dīng𓂧𓈖𓎼 Yèshènɡ𓏭𓂝𓄡𓂝𓈖 China Ocean Shipping
    465 Dipa Chaudhary Nepal Government employee
    466 Dipak Gyawali Nepal Academician NAST/former chair NWCF
    467 Dipak Timalsina Nepal Student
    468 Dipendra Lamsal Nepal Veterinarian
    469 Dipesh Agarwal India Tour operator
    470 Dipina Sharma Nepal Service
    471 Dirk Vandewiele België Tourguide
    472 Doma Sherpa Nepal Environmental Managment
    473 Dominique Barjolle Switzerland Ingénieur agronome
    474 Dorah Nesoba Kenya Communication Professional
    475 Dorian Lemaire Belgium Student
    476 Dorje McKinnon New Zealand Analyst
    477 Dorothea Stumm Switzerland Expert Department of Environment
    478 Doug Clendon New Zealand
    479 Dr Deborah Eklund UK Doctor and Public Health Specialist
    480 Dr Noel Fitzpatrick Ireland Research Meteorologist
    481 Dr Swaran Lata Negi India
    482 Dr. Aditya Mishra India Project Scientist
    483 Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik Pakistan Founder Seplaa & AFMalik Law, first Impact lawyer of Pakistan, Impact business & sustainable expert
    484 dr. Birendra pokharel Nepal disability rights expert
    485 Dr. Deepshikha Sharma India
    487 Dr. Jean-Yves Gerlitz Germany Coordinator German Social Cohesion Panel, University of Bremen
    488 Dr. Jigme Tenzin Bhutan Senior Forest Carbon Specialist
    489 Dr. Krishna Roka United States Assistant Professor
    490 Dr. Michael Wagreich Austria Professor for Geology, University of Vienna
    491 Dr. Michael Timpson USA retired earth scientist
    492 Dr. Mohammed Nure Yousuf Bangladesh Senior Scientific Officer
    493 Dr. Ravinder Singh India Senior Policy Specialist (Disaster Risk Reduction)
    494 Dr. Remya S N India Assistant Professor
    495 Dr. S J PAWAR INDIA Professor in Govt. Engineering Institute
    496 Dr. S J PAWAR INDIA Professor in Govt. Engineering Institute
    497 Dr. Sami Ullah Pakistan Additional Director Research and Innovation, University of Baltistan, Skardu
    498 Dr. Soni Bisht India Researcher
    499 Dr. Vandana Mehrwar India Biologist (Entomologist)
    500 Dr. Vijaya Kumari Nunna India Faculty
    501 Dr. Vijaya Kumari Nunna India Faculty
    502 Dr. Yadav Prasad Joshi Nepal Environmental Health Expert
    503 Dr.-Ing. Ramesh Kumar Maskey Nepal Professor of Civil Engineering (Water and Energy) at Kathmandu University and Academician of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
    504 Drice Masson France
    505 Dumont Laurent France Retraite
    506 Dunlian QIU China Executive Editor in Chief, Journal of Mountain Science
    507 Durga Khatiwada Nepal Assistant Professor, Tribhuvan University
    508 Durga Sunchiuri Nepal Program coordinator at MCC
    509 Durga Prasad Upadhyay Climate Activist and Adaptation Professional
    510 Durga Prasad Gautam Nepal Social worker
    511 Dylan Beard United Kingdom PhD researcher
    512 E. Somanathan India Economist
    513 Earina Sthapit Nepal Teaching
    514 Easin Arafat Bangladesh Student
    515 Ed Douglas Great Britain Writer and Journalist
    516 edoardo cela Italy
    517 Edris Qaderi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    518 Eduardo Farias Brazil Comércio Exterior
    519 Edward Van Hemelrijck Belgium retired
    520 Edward Cairns Uk Emgineer
    521 Edwin Bernbaum USA Author, Scholar, Consultant
    522 Egbert Pos Netherlands
    523 Ehsan Ali Pakistan Environmentalist
    524 ekraj sigdel Nepal
    525 El Hadji Amadou Sow Sénégal Consultant
    526 Eleanor Fisher Sweden civil servant / researcher
    527 Elena Artigas Spain Lawyer
    528 Elisa Agosti Italy
    529 Elisabeth von Capeller Nepal HoM
    530 Eliška Bartková Czech Republic Brno
    531 Eliza Sthapit Nepal National Director, Habitat for Humanity International Nepal
    532 Elliot Schönbeck France Student
    533 Elodie Miranda Switzerland Director
    534 Els Van Hemelrijck Belgium Communication manager
    535 Elsa Ávila México Speaker
    536 Emanuela Adina Nicula Romania Research scientist
    537 Emma Calder United Kingdom Doctor
    538 Emma Sibbald UK Trainee Psychologist
    539 Emma Barmby United Kingdom Customer Service Assistant
    540 Emma Horne UK Tour Operator
    541 Eneko Sebastian Garate Spain Student
    542 Era Upadhyay India Faculty member
    543 Eric Achten België MD
    544 Erica Udas Nepal
    545 Erik de Maaker Netherlands Associate Professor of Anthropology, Leiden University
    546 Eszter Vitorino Fuleky Netherlands Lead Expert, Sustainability Advisory, Van Lanschot Kempen
    547 Ethan Christian United States of America Student
    548 Etienne Berthier France Senior scientist, University of Toulouse / CNRS
    549 Eva Villardon Grande Spain
    550 Ezatullah Hemat Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    551 Fab Vax Canada
    552 Fabrizio Quattrone Italy Mobility strategist
    553 Faisal Qadir India Freelance researcher
    554 Faisal Mueen Qamer Pakistan Climate Science and Environment
    555 Faisal Mueen Qamer Nepal Climate Science and Environment
    556 Faldy Aulia Indonesia It
    557 Falk Huettmann USA Researcher and book author
    558 Fan Bo China Project manager
    559 Fanny Brun France Glaciologist
    560 Farhad Yari Iran
    561 Farid Ahmad ICIMOD Development
    562 Farooq Azam India Professor
    563 Farzana Haidari Afganistan Volunteer member with EPTDO-EVN
    564 Fatima Kurbanova Tajikistan Executive Secretary
    565 Fatima Jabeen Pakistan Ph.D Researcher
    566 Fatima Tahir Pakistan student
    567 Fatima Rezaie Afghanistan Volunteer member with EPTDo_EVEn
    568 Fatima Jabeen Pakistan Researcher
    569 Fayaz Asad Pakistan Assistant professor in Botany
    570 Fayyaz Ur Rasheed Pakistan University Lecturer
    571 Fazal Karim Pakistan Natural resource management practitioner . WWF-Pakistan
    572 Fazal Karim Pakistan Natural resource management practitioner
    573 Fazal Rahman Afghan Afghanistan Assistant Professor
    574 Fazlullah Akhtar Germany Researcher
    575 Federica Cittadino Italy Researcher
    576 Federico Bonadeo Italy
    577 Felicitas Kuebler Österreich Scientist
    578 Felipe Puga Ecuador
    579 Fernando Velarde Bolivia Atmospheric research
    580 Fernando Rosa Espanya Tècnic Skyrunning
    581 Filipe Gaudie Ley Lindau Brazil Postdoctoral researcher
    582 Finnian Fitzpatrick United Kingdom Teacher
    583 Finnian Fitzpatrick United Kingdom Teacher
    584 Finu Shrestha Nepal
    585 First Name Last Name Country Occupation
    586 Flavien Beaud Canada Glacier Researcher
    587 Flávio Cunha Brazil
    588 Florence Fetterer USA Sea ice scientist and data product developer
    589 Forhan Zaman Bangladesh Service
    590 Frances Howland Nepal Nurse
    591 Frances Klatzel Nepal author, publisher
    592 Francesco Puppi Italy Athlete
    593 Francesco Rizzoni Italy
    594 Francisco Miguel Luque Lobo Spain Cheff
    595 François Caucheteux Belgium Student
    596 François Libois France Researcher, INRAE and Paris School of Economics
    597 Françoise Pommaret Bhutan Researcher
    598 Frederick Bouckaert Australia Environmental Scientist
    599 Freshta Faizi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    600 Friedmar Richter Germany
    601 Gabriele Hadl Austria Academic
    602 Gabriella Suzanne Vanzan Italy Vice President, Mountain Wilderness International
    603 Gajendra Bohara Nepal Journalist
    604 Ganesh Bhatta Nepal Civil
    605 Gangalal Tuladhar Nepal Former Minister for Education, Constituent Assembly Member
    606 Garab Wangchuk Bhutan Commercial Pilot
    607 Garima Acharya Nepal Civil Engineering Undergraduate, Pulchowk Campus
    608 Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka UAE Filmmaker
    609 Gauri Malakar Nepal Tourism ,Social work
    610 Gauri Reinhold Austria Student
    611 Gauri Jayaswal Nepal Program associate
    612 Gauri Shankar Dangol ICIMOD
    613 Gautam Rajkarnikar Nepal Engineering
    614 GAYATRI MAITRA India Self employed
    615 Gayle Richardson France Property Manager
    616 Geeta Pandey Nepal
    617 Geetanjali GK India research
    618 Geetinder Kaur mann India NA
    619 Geir Moholdt Norway Researcher
    620 Geley Norbu Bhutan Civil servant
    621 Gemma Fernandez Spain Nurse
    622 Geoffrey Winter United States of America
    623 George Wolff United Kingdom Professor of Oceanography
    624 George Hillary Australia Finance
    625 Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner Austria Professionell mountaineer
    626 Ghana Shyam Sapkota Nepal Social Service, DRR practiationers.
    627 Ghana Shyam Gurung Nepal Conservation
    628 Ghulam Ali Nepal
    629 Ghulam Rasul Pakistan Climate Change Specialist
    630 Ghulam Muhammad Shah Nepal Evaluation Scientist
    631 Giacomo Bertoldi Italy Reseacher
    632 Gianni Tartari Italy Former Director of Research, National Research Council of Italy, and scientist of climate impcat in Khumbu
    633 Gillian Summers UK
    634 Gillian Mellsop New Zealand
    635 Giona Crivelli Switzerland Student
    636 Goma Pandey Nepal Lawyer
    637 Goma Pandey Nepal job holder
    638 Goodarzi Hamid Iran
    639 Gopal Lama Nepal Business
    640 Gordon White UK Engineer
    641 Govinda Govinda Nepal Social Worker
    642 Govinda Pandey Nepal Business
    643 Gracjan Wolski France Single
    644 Graham Wrigley UK Chairman Himalayan Trust UK
    645 Griffin Briley United States Professional Ski-mountaineer
    646 Grishma Gurung Nepal IT
    647 Griwan Kumar nepal worker
    648 Guillermina Elias Argentina Researcher
    649 Guillermo Ontiveros México Glaciologist
    650 Gulab Khan Pakistan Teaching and Research
    651 Gunjan Silwal Nepal Researcher
    652 Gunther Hammer New Zealand Teacher
    653 Gurusha Juneja India Student
    654 Gustavo Argüello Costa Rica Productor
    655 Guy Cloutier Canada Retired professor, Ecole Polytechnique
    656 Gyan Nyaupane United States Professor
    657 Gyanendra Malla Nepal Travel filmmaker
    658 H X US Freelancer
    659 Habib Tokhi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    660 Hakimullah Wafa Afghanistan Please help to afghanistan
    661 Hamed Bagherian kalashtari Iran HSE engineer
    662 Hameed Jamali Pakistan climate expert
    663 Hannah Bellamy United Kingdom
    664 Hannah Vickers Norway Scientist
    665 Hans Hurni Switzerland Geographer, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern
    666 Hanut Bal India Hotelier
    667 Hari Krishna D V India Non-Profit – Program Management
    668 Hari Krishna Nibanupudi India Senior Adviser, WFP
    669 Harikala Chhetri India Research Scholar
    670 Harinder Pal Singh Kalra India Librarian
    671 Haris C Rai Nepal Service
    672 Harish Devkota Nepal NGO employ
    673 Harko Modderman NL Sociaal ontwikkelbedrijf Werkom
    674 Harko Modderman Netherlands Sociaal ontwikkelbedrijf Werkom
    675 Harry Keys New Zealand Scientist
    676 Harry Seijmonsbergen The Netherlands Mountain Geodiversity Research, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics
    677 Hashim Raza Pakistan Consultant
    678 Hassan Moqbel Afghanistan Volunteer at women for Afghanistan community
    679 Hauser Exkursionen international Germany
    680 Hayden Pearson USA Atmospheric and Climate Researcher
    681 Hedda Andersen Svalbard Environmental Scientist
    682 Heena Shrestha Nepal Architect
    683 Heena Gyawali NP Architect
    684 Hekmat Sarshar Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    685 Hekmatullah Khpall Afghanistan Quality Control Manager
    686 Helen Werner Germany
    687 Helen Sherpa Nepal Development worker
    688 Hemant Beri India Retired
    689 hendrik vos België professor
    690 Henry Pratt United States Student
    691 Herman Brinkhorst Nederland physical geographer
    692 HERNAN DE LAHITTE Argentina Engineer
    693 Horacio Ramírez México Climber
    694 Hosnimobarak Pamir Afghanistan Architect Engineer
    695 Hswe Hswe Win Myanmar Teacher
    696 hugo maitre france Climate Activism
    698 Hugo Delgado Granados Mexico Researcher
    699 Humaira Sanders UK
    700 Humaira Qadri India Assistant Professor
    701 Hunghsi Chao USA Architecture
    702 Hussain Ahmed Pakistan Scholar
    703 Ian Evans U.K. gerographer, glacial geomorphologist
    704 Ian Stevens Denmark Glaciologist and Climber
    705 Ian Wall Nepal CEO – Kathmandu Environmental Education PorjectKEEP
    706 Igor Saldanha da Gama Portugal Tattooer
    707 Ihsan Ullah Khan Pakistan Water Resource Engineer
    708 Ijaz Sharif PK Business
    709 Imran hussain 157 Visit faculty University of Baltistan Skardu
    710 Inayat Ullah Pakistan Consultant
    711 Inayat ullah Bhat India Mountaineer
    712 Indira Poudel Nepal Student
    713 Indira Aryal Nepal Journalist
    714 Indra Manrique Rissech Spain Architect
    715 Indra Ban Australia
    716 inès van de Ven België student
    717 Inez Vaz de Carvalho Portugal Nenhuma por agora
    718 Inge Beusen Spain Teacher
    719 Ingrid Kelling UK Academic
    720 Ingrid Beutler Switzerland Co-founder
    721 Iram Bano Pakistan Research Associate (Glaciology)
    722 Irati Albizua SPAIN Librarian
    723 Irati Andueza Spain .
    724 Irena Mrak Slovenia Professor
    725 Iris Chen China A Student
    726 isabelle onians nepal teacher
    727 Isabelle Duran France
    728 Ishrat Roomi Pakistan Lecturer
    729 Ishwar Deshar Nepal Manager
    730 ishwor Khadka NP Now studying bachelor Civil engineering
    731 ishwor Khadka Nepal Sub engineer and bachelor Civil studying
    732 Ismail Tuncok Turkey
    733 Ivan Pavlík Slovakia
    734 Ivan Routledge United Kingdom .
    735 Ixchel Foord México Climber
    736 Izabella Koziell United Kingdom
    737 Jacob Willcox United States Student
    738 Jacques Thibault Canada Nurse
    739 Jahangir Alam Bangladesh Joint Director , CC & DRR Sector
    740 Jai Keighery Australia Osteopath
    741 Jaime Palacín Marin Spain Mountain leader
    742 Jairo Pinto Colombia Biologist
    743 Jalal Uddin Pakistan Student
    744 Jambay Dema Bhutan Student
    745 James Cousin Spain Ex self employed
    746 James Kirkham United Kingdom Antarctic climate scientist
    747 James Mayers United Kingdom Director – Natural Resource Group, International Institute for Environment and Development
    748 James Cutler United Kingdom Geospatial Strategist
    749 James Kent Uk Electrician
    750 James Wicks United kingdom Mechanical engineer
    751 James Jerram NZ Previous Kunde Doctor
    752 James Thornton Switzerland Research Scientist
    753 James Acheson New Zealand
    754 Jamie MacManaway Scotland Lecturer
    755 jamila Nazari Afghanistan volunteer Member with EPTDO – EVN
    756 Jamling Tenzing Infua Mountaineer
    757 Jamyang Lham Bhutan Private
    758 Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk Bhutan Filmmaker
    759 Jan Cools België Research Coordinator
    760 Janam Shrestha Nepal Program Officer
    761 Jane Butt Uk Nurse
    762 Jangmoo Sherpa Nepal
    763 Janice Williams United Kingdom Retired
    764 Janis Hunziker Switzerland Student
    765 Janita Gurung Nepal Nature conservation practitioner
    766 Javed Hassan Denmark Postdoctoral Researcher
    767 Javid Kazemzadeh Atufi Iran Mountaineer
    768 Javier García ES Student
    769 Jaya Verma India Senior Policy and Programme Manager, Development programmes
    770 Jayanti Deepti Setty India Home Maker
    771 Jean Miczka France
    772 Jean-Damien Rubal France Head Of Sales
    773 Jean-Marion Aitken UK Health systems consultant
    774 Jean-Pierre Kengne Cameroun President/Directeur Exécutif
    775 Jeannette McGill South Africa Mountaineer | Mining Executive | Mentor
    776 Jeenus Shrestha Nepal Architect
    777 Jeevan Baniya Nepal Research and teaching
    778 Jeevan Shrestha Nepal
    779 Jeevan Prakash Katel Nepal Student
    780 Jeewan Thapa India Traveler
    781 Jeff Camkin Australia
    782 Jennifer Wellman USA Freshwater Project Director for The Nature Conservancy
    783 Jenny Saunders Nepal Counsellor
    784 Jeremy Johnston United States Researcher
    785 Jeroen Meijers The Netherlands
    786 Jérôme CHAPPELLAZ France Chairman of the Ice Memory Foundation
    787 Jesper Poulsen Denmark Medical professional
    788 Jharna Joshi Nepal Architect
    789 Jhon Sebastian Llenque Carrasco Perú Abogado del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
    790 Ji Won Jeong France
    791 JIA linchang china engineer
    792 Jian Hong Yu China Merchant
    793 jianhong yu China Merchant
    794 Jiaojiao Hu China Founder of Polar Hub
    795 Jiban Ghimire Nepal Trekking/Expeditions organizer
    796 Jigme Wangdi Bhutan Civil servant
    797 Jigme Choden Bhutan Student
    798 JIGME SINGYE DORJI Bhutan Student
    799 Jing Luo china engineer
    800 Jingjing Gao China Concept Artist
    801 Jinyan Chen China Postgraduate
    802 Jitendra Bajracharya Nepal
    803 JITIN RAHUL India Assistant Professor
    804 Joan Soler España
    805 Joan Llevadot Spain Ski instructor, INEFC student
    806 Joana Baptista Portugal PhD student
    807 João Canário Portugal Professor
    808 Jocelyn Mudry Canada Artist and Designer
    809 Joel Barker United States of America research scientist
    810 Joel Benony France
    811 Jogscha Abderhalden Switzerland Research Assistant Environmental Sciences
    812 Johannes Fürst Germany Junior Group Leader, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
    813 John Gould United States Chef/Runner
    814 John Pomeroy Canada Professor
    815 John Reed Bhutan Hotelier
    816 John Cocks New Zealand Environmental Engineer
    817 John Blandy Portugal Senior Manager
    818 John Mckinnon New Zealand Retired
    819 John Galetzka United States
    820 John Mohd Wani India Postdoctoral Researcher
    821 Jon Gangdal Norge Author and Climber
    822 Jonas Jeromin germany I agree
    823 Jonas Svensson Finland Environmental Scientist
    824 Jonathan Wirths Germany Agricultural Development Practitioner
    825 Jordi Galter Spain
    826 Jordi Hernández Catalunya (Spain) Tcq
    827 JORDI Capdevila Catalunya Bomber
    828 Jorge Novillo Spain Student
    829 Joris Elegeert Belgium Consultant
    830 Jornet Kilian Norway Athlete
    831 Jose Marques Portugal
    832 José Carlos Barbosa Neto Brazil Geology Student
    833 José Nazario Garcia gaytan México Contador
    834 Josee Delisle Canada Technicienne en logistique
    835 Josep Sanmarti Catalunya Computer engineer
    836 Joseph Gonella France Professor Physical Oceanography, retired from MNHN Paris
    837 Josip Balazevic GB Project Manager
    838 Jovan Stanković Serbia Tech support
    839 Joy Dasgupta India Environmental Professional
    840 Juan Bonnin Garau Spain Economist
    841 Juan Carlos Chávez Fernández México Negociator
    842 Judit Fillet Andorra Nutritionist
    843 Judith Martín Lucas Spain University professor
    844 Judith Maréchal France Research
    845 Judy Smith Australia None
    846 Juergen P. Kropp Germany
    847 Julia Curio Sweden Atmospheric scientist
    848 Julia Garriga Spain
    849 Julia Boike Germany Hydrologist
    850 Júlia Morote Spain Consultant
    851 Julian Caldecott Scotland Environmental Consultant
    852 Julian West Nepal Writer
    853 Julián Gelman Constantin Argentina Scientist, Professor
    854 Juliana Garcia Ecuador Mountain Guide
    855 Julie Mundy Australia Advisor
    856 Julie Palais USA Retired
    857 Julien Raison France Photographer
    858 jun Cao China Vice President of Shenzhen Mountaineering Association
    859 Justin Follenfant France Teacher
    860 Jyoti Dar India Renewable Energy
    861 Jyotishko Biswas India Trek Leader
    862 Kabir Uddin Bangladesh Geographer
    863 KABIRAJ ROKAYA Nepal Geomatics Engineer
    864 Kajiram Gautam Nepal Teaching
    865 Kajol Sethia Nepal Business
    866 Kalash Pradhan Nepal
    867 Kalawati Badal Uttarakhand India Yes
    868 Kalpana Dangol Nepal Environment Officer
    869 Kalpana Parajuli Nepal
    870 Kamal Aryal Nepal Researcher
    871 Kamala Pun Magar Nepal Student
    872 Kamalesh Adhikari Australia Research Fellow, The University of Queensland
    873 Kamran Rayan Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    874 Kanak Dixit Nepal
    875 Kanchan Lama Nepal Freelancer consultant
    876 Kane Pottinger New Zealand Sales manager
    877 Kapindra Malla Nepal Job Holder
    878 Karen Wong Pérez United Kingdom Senior Researcher, IIED
    879 Karma Dorji Jimba Bhutan Environment Officer
    880 Karma Y Gurung Nepal business
    881 Karolína Barešová Czech Republic Student
    882 Karthick Karthick Tamilnadu Y
    883 Karthick Karthick Tamilnadu Karthic
    884 Kashif Hussain Pakistan Researcher
    885 Kaspar Schmidt Peru Country Director Helvetas Peru
    886 Kasra Oroumchi Iran Medical doctor
    887 Kate Wolstenholme UK
    888 Katerina Pavelkova Czech republic Student
    889 Katherine Shepherd United Kingdom Project Manager
    890 Kathrin Renner Italy GIS Professional
    891 Katie Miles UK Glaciologist
    892 Katrina Edwards Nepal Mother
    893 Katy Harris Sweden Senior Policy Fellow
    894 Kaushal Shrestha Nepal Marketing Analyst, Community Homestay Network
    895 Kaustubh Thakur India Student
    896 Kaustubh Thapa Nepal Researcher
    897 Kawita Sharma Nepal Student
    898 Kelly Lewis United kingdom Financial risk
    899 Kelzang Wangmo Bhutan M&E, WWF-Bhutan
    900 Ken Shimizu Nepal FAO Representative for Bhutan and Nepal
    901 Ken Zafren USA Physician
    902 Kenton Cool UK Mountain Guide
    903 Kenza Tazi United Kingdom PhD student
    904 Kerry Leith New Zealand Geologist
    905 Kerstin F Sweden
    906 Kesang Wangchuk Nepal
    907 Keshab Goutam Australia Public Service
    908 Keshab Prasad Kadel Nepal Teacher
    909 Keshar sthapit Nepal Freelance Consultant
    910 Keshu Sherpa Nepal Tourism Student
    911 Kevin Bottin France
    912 Kewal Prasad Bhandari Nepal Civil Servat
    913 Khadija Sharaf Din Pakistan Environment scientist
    914 Khadim Hussain Pakistan government servant
    915 Khushboo Sharma India
    916 Khushi Shrestha Nepal Student
    917 Kim Patel United States Real estate
    918 Kimberly Langmaid USA Mayor, Town of Vail; Founder, Walking Mountains Science Center
    919 Kimia N Canada Student
    920 Kimod Thapa Nepal Student
    921 Kinzang Dorji Bhutan Former Prime Minister of Bhutan
    922 Kinzang Namgay Bhutan Civil service
    923 Kinzang Dorji BHUTAN
    924 Kiramat Hussain Pakistan Government Employee
    925 Kiran Pandey Nepal Veterinarian
    926 Kiran bhusal Nepal Student
    927 Kiran Timalsina Nepal Forester
    928 Kiran Shrestha Nepal Civil Engineer
    929 Kiran Shakya Nepal
    930 Kirsten von Elverfeldt Austria Scientist
    931 Klara Magnusson SE
    932 Klaudie Švrčková Czech republic woman
    933 Kohsei UOZUMI Japan
    934 Konchok Dolma India Govt servant
    935 Kongqi Chen China construction
    936 Kosar Bano Nepal
    937 Krishna Hamal India Economist
    938 Krishna Kandath United States Self-employed
    939 Krishna Bhusal Nepal Research and Conservation of Birds in the Himalayas
    940 Krishna Gyawali Nepal Retired Environment Secretary of Government of Nepal
    941 Krishna Gyawali Nepal Former Environment Secretary of Government of Nepal
    942 Krishna Govind Prasad India
    943 Krishna Prasad Rijal Nepal Engineering
    944 Kristina Fenske France
    945 Kristina Rajbhandari Nepal INGO
    946 Kristy Rivera United States
    947 Kritika Sharma Nepal
    948 Kritika Sharma Nepal
    949 Krittika Uniyal Switzerland Researcher
    950 Krity Rai India Student
    951 kuenga Wangmo Bhutan Gardener
    952 Kuenzang Wangmo Bhutan Housewife
    953 Kul Bahadur Gurung. Nepal Tourism Entrepreneur.
    954 Kuluipa Akmatova Kyrgyzstan Director of Public Fund
    955 Kun Tian China PhD researcher
    956 Kunchok Nima Nepal Travel specialist
    957 Kunda Dixit Nepal
    958 Kundan Shrestha Nepal
    959 kushma Acharya Nepal Student
    960 Kylian Brykajlo France Student
    961 Kylie Rowed USA Exercise Physiologist
    962 L Umamaheswari India Professor
    963 Laetitia Gruwel Nederland Communication advisor
    964 Lakpa Tamang India Assistant Professor in Geography
    965 Lakpa Sherpa Nepal Expeditions Manager
    966 Lakpa dendi Sherpa Nepal Mountain guide on 8000m success 30time Expedition
    967 Lal Mohammad Maiwandwal Afghanistan Student
    968 Lalit Pokhrel Bhutan Software Engineer
    969 Lalu Maya Kadel Nepal
    970 Laraib Gohar India Student
    971 Lars Finke Germany Lawyer
    972 Laura Scialo Bhutan Consultant
    973 Laura Glastra United States PhD student in physical oceanography
    974 Laura James England
    975 Laura S. Lynes Canada President, the Resilience Institute
    976 Laurence A. G. Moss USA strategic planner
    977 Laurenne Verhaest Belgium Retired
    978 Lavinia Laiti Italy civil servant
    979 Laxman Ale Magar Nepal Student
    980 Laxmi Thapa Nepal Survey Officer
    981 Laxmi Devi Maharjan Nepal Hydrologist
    982 Lea Voges Germany
    983 Leigh Stearns US Professor
    984 Leki Choden BT Assistant Lecturer
    985 Lena Müller Germany
    986 Leo Carsolio Mexico Assistant
    987 Leo Georges France Student
    988 Léo-Paul Vojta France
    989 Leon Shrestha Nepal Principal
    990 Leonardo Castillo Catalunya None
    991 Lev Avitan Netherlands Artist
    992 Lhakpa Lama Country Development worker
    993 Lhakpa tenzing Sherpa Nepal Hotelier
    994 Lhamu Dolma Sherpa Nepal student
    995 LI Huangying China SMOA
    996 Lian Baars Netherlands Photographer
    997 Liesbeth Segaar Netherlands HR consultant
    998 Lila Nyaichyai Nepal Teaching
    999 Lila Baniya Nepal Freelance- Sustainable Tourism
    1000 Lily Hillary New Zealand Student
    1001 lin liu china Postgraduate
    1002 Lingam K Australia PhD student
    1003 Lingcao Huang Canada Postdoctoral fellow
    1004 lisa king france why??
    1005 Lisa Sherchan Nepal Business
    1006 Lisa Stuart Spain Housewife
    1007 Lisa Choegyal New Zealand
    1008 Lisa Choegyal Nepal
    1009 Lise Caullireau France
    1011 Loann Josse France Ostéopathe
    1012 LOK RAJ PAUDEL Australia Accountant
    1013 Lola Geenen Belgium Student
    1014 long wen china boss
    1015 Lorraine Fazakerley England
    1016 Loshan Parajuli Nepal Student
    1017 Loveleen Kour India Student
    1018 Luc Delforge Belgium Philosopher and traveller
    1019 Luca Fortunato Italy Developer
    1020 Luca MERCALLI Italy President of the Italian Meteorological Society
    1021 Lucas Zeller USA Scientist
    1022 Lucia Buscemi United States Student
    1023 Lucien Vieillard-Baron France
    1024 Luke Colavito United States Economist
    1025 Lulu Luckock United Kingdom Teacher
    1026 Luna Luna Bharati Deutschland Scientist
    1027 Lynette Chettri Fetz Nepal
    1028 M Hamed Faizi Afghanistan General Director of NAWA
    1029 M.Solaiman Bakhshi Afghanistan Climate Activist
    1030 Maciej Rodakowski Poland dendrologist
    1031 Madhav Bhandari Nepal Government employee
    1032 Madhav Dhakal Nepal
    1033 Madhu Pudasaini Australia Engineer
    1034 Madhukar Varshney India Social Work
    1035 Madhumita Nandi India Artistic Researcher
    1036 Maelan Marmond France Student
    1037 Maeva Blum Switzerland
    1038 maganbir singh INDIA ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER
    1039 Maganbir Singh India Scientis
    1040 Magnus Benzie United Kingdom Senior Research Fellow
    1041 Mahboobullah ariz Afghanistan Engineer for collecting and analyzing snow cover and glacier figures
    1042 Mahdi Bakhtiar Bangladesh Software Engineer
    1043 Mahesh Badal Nepal Development worker
    1044 Maheshwar Dhakal Nepal Joint Secretary, Government of Nepal
    1045 Maheswar Rupakheti Germany Atmospheric Scientist
    1046 Mahila Naseri Afghanistan HR/ Admin officer
    1047 Mahima Anand India Teacher
    1048 Mahlagha Kashefi Iran Enviromental
    1049 Majeela Mary Taskila Nicholas Nepal Country Representative
    1050 Małgorzata Wysocka Poland
    1051 mamata shrestha Nepal
    1052 Manasa Periyapattana France R&D engineer
    1053 Manashree Newa Nepal
    1054 Manasi Chandra India Artist, student
    1056 Manavii Chaulagain Nepal Student
    1057 Mandika Maharjan Nepal
    1058 Mandira Singh Shrestha Nepal
    1059 Manel Tió Spain Agronomist
    1060 Manfred Buchroithner Österreich Full Professor Emeritus of TU Dresden, Germany
    1061 Manfred Haeupl Germany
    1062 Mani Nepal Nepal
    1063 Maniratna Aryal Nepal Agriculture
    1064 Manish Ghimire Nepal DRR,NRM supervisor: BHAKARI, BNA Nepal
    1065 Manish Shrestha Nepal Web Assistant
    1066 Manish Shrestha Nepal
    1067 Manish Shrestha Nepal
    1068 Manish Mehta India Scientist
    1069 Manisha Thapa Nepal Geo-Engineering student
    1070 Manisha Waghmare INDy Sports Director
    1071 Manju Maharjan Nepal Student
    1072 Manju Gurung Nepal Engineer
    1073 Manjunath VR India Engineer
    1074 manoj Nepal earth save
    1075 Mansoor Khan India Business
    1076 Manuel Sancho Switzerland Manager
    1077 Manuel Bertholin Italy Geologist
    1078 Mao Li 中国 others
    1079 Marc Domingos France Communication
    1081 Marc Lizancos Spain Sports Manager Director
    1082 Marc Puig Amiel Spain Pharmacy
    1083 Marc Pons Andorra Andorra Research and Innovation
    1084 Marc René Frieß Germany IT Specialist
    1085 Marc-André Trifiro Canada Sales rep.
    1086 Marcel Duran United States of America Student
    1087 Marco Mazzolini Norway PhD student
    1088 Marcus Cotton Nepal
    1089 Margarita Ruiz Colombia Farmer
    1090 Margit Schwikowski Switzerland Scientist
    1091 Margot Deruyck Belgium
    1092 Maria Leitão Portugal Student
    1093 Maria Ali Pakistan Student
    1094 Maria Bonet Spain Student
    1095 mariam gogidze Georgia developer
    1096 Mariam Akhter Bangladesh ACCF, Bangladesh Forest Department
    1097 Marian Stearns US retired psychotherapist
    1098 Maribel Cerdà ES Emprenateur
    1099 Marie Guillemain France Teacher
    1100 Marie Charlot France French Teacher for foreigners
    1101 Marieke Beke Belgium Student
    1102 Marike Van Hemelrijck Belgium Teacher
    1103 Marin Klinger USA Data Specialist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center
    1104 Marina Schulz Germany
    1105 Marina Cairey-Remonay France
    1106 Marine Riesenmey France Science teacher
    1107 Mariona Meba Catalunya Geograph
    1108 Maris Moulié FRANCE
    1109 Marjorie Schweitzer-van Strien The Netherlands
    1110 Mark Aiston United States Logistics professional
    1111 Mark Watson United Kingdom
    1112 Mark Perrin United Kingdom
    1113 Markus Strudl Austria Glaciologist
    1114 Markus Strudl Austria Glaciologist
    1115 Marlène Thibault Switzerland Translator and editor
    1116 Maroof Hotak Afghanistan Volunteer member EptDo EvN
    1117 Martha Windahl USA retired
    1118 Martin Lascano Argentina Sport manager
    1119 Martin Wegmann Switzerland Climate Researcher
    1120 Martin Diez Spain Engineer
    1121 Martin Roques France
    1122 Martin Carver Canada Environmental Scientist (PhD)
    1123 Martina Früchtnicht – Truxius Germany Medical
    1124 Maryam Junaid Pakistan Student
    1125 Maryam Muhammad Ali Pakistan Student
    1126 Maryyam mehmood Mehmood Pakistan Mphil scholar
    1127 Masa Sakano UK Climber
    1128 Mateo Garetto Argentina Civil Engineering
    1129 Mathilde Meurisse France
    1130 Mathis Pean France
    1131 Matías Correa Chile Student
    1132 Matt Perry Peru None
    1133 Matthew Gamble Uk Heath care manager
    1134 Matthew Ferguson UK Doctor
    1135 MAUCHIEN Charles France Track Engineer
    1136 Maurine Montagnat France Researcher
    1137 May Mon Thet Khine Myanmar Junior Environmentalist
    1138 Mayumi Potter USA ARtist
    1139 Mayuri Paul India Service
    1140 Md Ataullah Raza Khan India GIS Professional/Young Researcher
    1141 Md Hasibur Rahman Zihad Bangladesh Student
    1142 Md Shafiqul Bari Bangladesh University Professor
    1143 Md. Sadique Rahman Bangladesh Teaching
    1144 Md. Shameem Hassan Bhuiyan Bangladesh Government Service
    1145 Meena Longjam India Documentary Filmmaker
    1146 Meera Bhutia India Lecturer
    1147 Megha Chowdhury India Employed
    1148 mehmet dilek United states fisher
    1149 Mehmet Metaj Albania Executive Director, ALBAFOREST (www.albaforest,com)
    1150 Mehria Mosawi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1151 Melissa Cammaert Italy Housewife
    1152 Melody Sandells United Kingdom
    1153 Mengistu Wondafrash Ethiopia Executive Director, Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society
    1154 Merryjean Burgess England Support Staff
    1155 Mette Groen Belgium
    1156 Mewang Gyeltshen Bhutan
    1157 Michael Mayer Austria scientist
    1158 Michael Booth Canada Video Producer
    1159 Michael Cote Netherlands Climate Adaptation Expert
    1160 Michael McCall Mexico Researcher
    1161 Michael Laporte France Student
    1162 Michael Blandy Portugal Company Director and Chair
    1163 Michael Matiu Italy Scientist
    1164 Michael Croft Nepal
    1165 Michael Steinwandter Italy Biologist, Environmentalist, Hiking Guide
    1166 Michelle Guertin Canada
    1167 Mik Tamang Nepal
    1168 Mikael Mikaelsson Sweden Policy Fellow
    1169 Mike Stuart Spain Mountain guide
    1170 Milan Raj Tuladhar Nepal Ambassador of Nepal for the Russian Federation
    1171 Milo Geenen Belgium Student
    1172 Milu Rakhmanu Indonesia Private
    1173 Mimraj Pandeya Nepal Journalist
    1174 Min Thapa Nepal Aspiring Decision-making Researcher
    1175 Mine Islar Sweden Professor
    1176 Mingma Sherpa Nepal Conservationist
    1177 Mingma Sherpa Nepal Student
    1178 Mini Singh Nepal Service
    1179 Minnie Chinn USA
    1180 Miquel Castellote Borrell Spain PhD researcher
    1181 Mira Khadka Nepal PhD Student (Glaciology), Carnegie Mellon University, United States
    1182 Miriam Recchi Italy
    1183 Miriam Jackson Nepal/Norway
    1184 Míriam López López ES Ingeniera informática
    1185 Mirza Mohammad Amirzai Afghanistan Social worker
    1186 Missions3G- Gauri *Affiliate UNGC India NGO
    1187 Mohamad Daneshmandi Canada Mechanic
    1188 Mohamed Ddich Morocco Mountain Coalition- National Coordinator
    1189 MOHAMMAD HOSSAIN Bangladesh Meteorological Assistant, Bangladesh Meteorological Department(BMD)
    1190 Mohammad Shafi Afghanistan Academia
    1191 Mohammad Daud Afghanistan Instructor
    1192 Mohammad Sharifi Afghanistan University professor
    1193 Mohammad Raza India Cyber Security Analyst
    1194 Mohammad aimal Omarkhil Afghanistan It expert
    1195 Mohammad Dawod Shirzad Afghanistan Dean of faculty of Environment
    1196 Mohammad kabir Sadiqi Afghanistan Social worker
    1197 Mohammad Noor Afghan Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1198 Mohammad omer Ahmadzai Afghanistan Former Senior emergency livelihood officer
    1199 Mohammad Rabi Qazizada Afghanistan
    1200 Mohammad Rafi Qazizada Afghanistan Director-General Natural Resources Management
    1201 Mohammad Rasool Rasooli Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1202 Mohammad Sharif Sharifi Afghanistan NGO worker
    1203 Mohammed Kamal HOSSAIN BANGLADESH Teaching
    1204 Mohan Bheema India Business
    1205 Mohan Shrestha Nepal
    1206 Mohan Bahadur Chand Nepal Cryosphere Researcher
    1207 MOHAN DAS MANANDHAR Nepal Policy Expert
    1208 Mohanasundari Thangavel India Researcher
    1209 Mohd Fahad India Graphic Designer
    1210 Mohd Abdul Fahad India
    1211 Mohd Arslaan Akhtar India Researcher
    1212 Mohit Kumar India
    1213 Molly Mignault Canada Program Administrator
    1214 Mona Sharma Nepal
    1215 MONICA SANS DURAN Catalonia Architect,Musician, Awasuka Program Director: improving habitat to reduce carbon emissions in remote rural areas of Nepal.
    1216 Monica Patel India Retired
    1217 Monique Fort France Emeritus Professor
    1218 Monique Fort France Emeritus Professor (University Paris Cité)
    1219 Montserrat Campos Spain Building engineering
    1220 Moon Shrestha Nepal
    1221 Morgan Jennings United Kingdom Project Support Officer
    1222 Morgan Seag United States Global Mountains Director, International Cryosphere Climate Initiative
    1223 Morgan Williams United Kingdom Consultant
    1224 Motilal Ghimire Nepal Teaching, research and consultancy
    1225 MRINMOY SANDILYA India Automation Engineer
    1226 Mst Irin Parvin Bangladesh Govt. service
    1227 Muhammad Yasir Pakistan Researcher (Hydrologist)
    1228 Muhammad Ali Alvi Pakistan Government official
    1229 Muhammad Amin Noor Bakhsh Pakistan Meteorologist
    1230 Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal Pakistan GIS Engineer
    1231 Muhammad Nauman Tahir Pakistan Scientific Officer Soil Scientist/ Environmental Scientist
    1232 Muhammad Tabeen ul Barkaat Pakistan Assistant Director WAPDA
    1233 Muhammad Yousaf Khan Pakistan Climate Activist
    1234 Mukesh Garbyal India Student
    1235 Mukunda Chaulagain Nepal Quality Assurance/Control Officer
    1236 Munerol Donatella Italy Travel Agent
    1237 Muniyandi Balasubramanian India
    1238 Muqeet Ahmad PK Geologist
    1239 Mushtaq Ali shah Pakistan Retired chief meteorologist
    1240 Mustafa Ahmadi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1241 Mustafa Hasani Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer of Daira Sabz Environmetnal Consulting Services Company
    1242 Myna Kakar India Housewife
    1243 Nabin Bhattarai Nepal
    1244 Nafees Rehman Pakistan Employe
    1245 Naina Shakya Nepal Partnership Specialist, ICIMOD
    1246 Najib Malik Canada Consultant: Agriculture Resilience to Climate Change
    1247 Najibullah Marefat Afghanistan Eco-DRR officer
    1248 Najibullah Marefat Afghanistan Eco-DRR officer
    1249 Nakul Chettri Nepal
    1250 Nakul Chettri Nepal
    1251 Namgay Thinley Bhutan Student
    1252 Namgay Lhendup Bhutan Student
    1253 Namgay Zam Bhutan Media Professional
    1254 Namgyel Dorji Bhutan Customer Experience Agent
    1255 Nami K Nepal Environment educator
    1256 Namrata Karki Nepal Homemaker
    1257 Nand Kishor Agrawal Nepal
    1258 Nandana Rai India Nurse
    1259 Nandini Sanyal Bangladesh Researcher
    1260 Nanki Kaur India Senior Climate Specialist
    1261 Narayan Gautam Nepal Teaching and research
    1262 Narendra Bajracharya nepal
    1263 Narinder Jinta India
    1264 Naser Noorzad Afghanistan Planet project Manager
    1265 Nasir Ahmed India Retired Government Officer/Author/Freelance Journalist
    1266 Nasirs Rasooly Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1267 Nasratullah kamal Afghnasta Not occupation
    1268 Nasratullah Kamal Afghnasta Not
    1269 Natalia Khan Bangladesh Job holder in Finance & Accounts
    1270 Nathalia Villegas Colombia Comunication
    1271 Nathalia Moschiar Pontes Brasil Marketing
    1272 Nathan Ghesquiere Belgium Translator
    1273 Nathanial Matthews United Kingdom CEO
    1274 Naveed Baig Pakistan Ski athlete
    1275 Naveen Khanna India Trade
    1276 Navneet Yadav India Humanitarian Professional
    1277 Navneet Yadav India Development Professional
    1278 Navyo Eller Italy Photographer
    1280 Nawraj Pradhan Thailand Research
    1281 Neela Gangadharan India
    1282 Neera Shrestha Pradhan Nepal
    1283 Neetu Ghale Nepal
    1284 Neha Niraula Nepal Student
    1285 Neraz Tuladhar Nepal Media Relations
    1286 Ngamindra Dahal Nepal
    1287 Ngawang Norbu Bhutan University Lecturer
    1288 Nick Hinton United Kingdom Chairman, Britain Nepal NGO Network
    1289 Nicky Grace UK Teacher
    1290 Nicola McGunnigle Australia Researcher
    1291 Nicola Pollitt UK British Ambassador to Nepal
    1292 Nicole Bushayija United Kingdom
    1293 Nicole McCloskey United States
    1294 Nigel Cochran England
    1295 Nikoloz Alavidze Georgia Founder, Managing Partner, Altihut 3014
    1296 Nil Tilija Nepal Youngest Parliament Member of Nepal and President Of Nepal Seattle Hiking Community and Himalaya cascade Initiative.
    1297 Nilendu Singh India Scientist
    1298 Nilmini Rajapakse Sri Lanka Communications professionals
    1299 Nils Glatthard Switzerland International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, UIAA, General Manager
    1300 Nils Barbier France
    1301 Nima Chenzom BHUTAN College student
    1302 Nima Nuru Sherpa Nepal Mountaineering tourism
    1303 Nimesh Jung Gauli Nepal Student
    1304 Niraj Shrestha Nepal IT Professional
    1305 Nirakar Thapa Nepal Hydrologist
    1306 Nirmal Tandukar Nepal Engineer
    1307 Nirman Ojha Nepal Researcher
    1308 Niru Shrestha NP Travel Specialist
    1309 Niru Raghuram Singapore Education
    1310 Niru Shrestha Nepal Travel Specialist
    1311 Nisar Memon Pakistan Chairman, Water Environment Forum Pakistan
    1312 Nischay Attri India Mountaineer & Outdoor Educator
    1313 Nisha Jaishwal Nepal Engineer
    1314 Nisha Wagle Nepal
    1315 Nishant Hyanki India Research analyst
    1316 Nishat Mazumder Bangladesh Nature & Mountain lover
    1317 NIsheeth Basnet Nepal
    1318 Nishma Rana Nepal Architect
    1319 Nitesh Khadka China Student
    1320 Nitin Ravinder India
    1321 Nitish Sapkota Nepal Hydropower Engineer
    1322 Nitu Ghale Nepal Journalist
    1324 Noam Vullioud France
    1325 Nolan Flansburg Canada Engineer
    1326 Noor Rajbhandari Nepal
    1327 Nooragha Afghanmal Afghanistan Engineer
    1328 Norbu Tenzing USA Executive
    1329 Norbu Zangmo Bhutan Public servant
    1330 ​Noriko Hosoma Japan Accessory design
    1331 Norman Fitzpatrick UK Retired
    1332 Nuria Burgada Buron Spain Teacher
    1333 Nyima Dorjee Bhotia Nepal Researcher
    1334 Oda Mulelid Norway GRID-Arendal
    1335 Olaf Eisen Germany Professor for Glaciology
    1336 Olga Tutubalina United Kingdom Geographer
    1337 Oliver Thomas England Health and Wellbeing Coach
    1338 Olivia Drouin France
    1339 Olivia Brassard Canada Outdoor animator
    1340 Omar khan Amani Afghanistan Head of Irrigation Department at Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan
    1341 Omara Khan Muneeb Afghanistan Director
    1342 Onur Limon Türkiye Independent researcher
    1343 Orchid Rosy Puri Nepal Student
    1344 Oscar Suchodolski United Kingdom
    1345 Oshin Sharma Nepal
    1346 Otgonbayar Demberel Mongolia Researcher
    1347 Ottilie Neser South Africa Retired entomologist
    1348 Pablo Fuchs New Zealand PhD Student
    1349 Pablo Toledo Spain Engineer
    1350 Padam Bhusal Nepal service
    1351 Padam sundar Limbu Nepal Development worker
    1352 PADMA DOLKER India research scholar
    1353 Padmakshi Rana Nepal Impact Hub Kathmandu
    1354 Pallavi Pradhan Nepal Professional
    1355 Pamela Johnston USA
    1356 Pan Xu Nepal Engineer
    1357 Panchali Banerjee India Research
    1358 Pang Haiping China Student
    1359 Pankaj Lagwal India Mountain Guide
    1360 Pankaj Kumar India Associate Professor
    1361 Paola Agostini United States Economist
    1362 Paras Lamsal Nepal Teaching and research
    1363 Parash Basnet Nepal MP's sectetary
    1364 Parbati Lamichhane Nepal Social work
    1365 Paresh Sangani USA Banker
    1366 Parisa Najarzadeh Iran An employee at the office of Mountain Environment Protection Society (MEPS)
    1367 PARVEZ BABUL Bangladesh Journalist and Media columnist
    1368 Parvin Zarrabi IRAN
    1370 Pasang Kaji Sherpa Nepal Architect
    1371 Pasang Rinzee Sherpa Nepal Mountaineering
    1372 Pascal Egli Norway Glaciologist
    1373 Patricia Julio Miranda Mexico Teacher
    1374 Patricia Bonnet U.S.A. Retired Educator
    1375 Patricia Lock Uk Retired
    1376 Patrick Thorne Scotland Snow Travel writer and founder of
    1377 Patrick Wagnon France Mountain guide, Himalayist, Glaciologist
    1378 Paul Roots Uk Civil Servant
    1379 Paul Mayewski US Director, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine
    1380 Paul Keleher Uzk Performance Coach
    1381 Paul Kwakkenbos Netherlands UIAA Mountain Protection Committee
    1382 PAULA PACHECO Bolivia Researcher
    1383 Paula Sengupta India Artist & Professor, Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata
    1384 paula monteiro portugal designer
    1385 Pauline Jackson GB Retired
    1386 Pavel Krajčí Slovakia Avalanche forecaster.
    1387 Pawan Patidar India Researcher
    1388 Pawan Kumar Sharma India Researcher
    1389 Pawel Dolinski Polen/Norway
    1390 Peck Gee Chua Japan Early Childhood & Climate Advisor
    1391 Pedro Giral Spain Medical Doctor
    1392 Peggy Weissflog UK qual. statistican
    1393 Peili Shi China Research scientist
    1394 Pem Tshewang Bhutan Civil Service
    1395 Pem Kandel Nepal Chief Policy Advisor, ICIMOD
    1396 Pema Sherpa Nepal Business
    1397 Pema Deki Bhutan Food manufacturing
    1398 Pema Wangmo Bhutan Associate lecturer
    1399 Pema Sherpa Nepal Conservationist
    1400 Pema Diki Sherpa Nepal
    1401 Pemba Sherpa Nepal Mountain guide/photographer
    1402 Pemba rita sherpa Nepal Mountain guide
    1403 Pepin Thomas France
    1404 Perret Christophe France Podologue
    1405 Pertemba Sherpa Nepal Mountaineer
    1407 Peter Hillary New Zealand Mountaineer
    1408 Peter Rowlands U.K. Retired
    1409 Peter Agbodza Ghana Teaching
    1411 Petra Heil Australia climate scientist
    1412 Philipp Arndt USA/Germany Doctoral Student, Scripps Polar Center
    1413 Philipp Benner Germany Teacher
    1414 Philippus Wester The Netherlands ICIMOD Fellow
    1415 Phub Gyem Bhutan Journalist
    1416 Phurba Chheten Pradhan Nepal
    1417 Phurpa Dendup Bhutan Student
    1418 Pierre DERIOZ France Maître de conférences en géographie Avignon University
    1419 Pierre Lafrance Québec Geographer
    1420 Pierre Bitard France Economist
    1421 Pierre Pitte Argentina Researcher, glaciology of the southern andes
    1422 Pierre Chevalllier France Hydrologist, Scientist Emeritus
    1423 Pimmatchaya Noeysoongnoen Thailand Engineer
    1424 Pitamber Singh Negi India
    1425 Piyashi DebRoy India Scientist
    1426 Piyush Dutta India Business
    1427 Poanam Priyanka India Private sector
    1428 Pooja Shrestha Nepal Student
    1429 Pooja Rijal Nepal Student
    1430 Pooja Koirala Nepal
    1431 Poonaccha Chottera United States Executive
    1432 Poonam Tripathi India Capacity building Analyst
    1433 Poonam Shah Nepal Architect
    1434 Poppy Harding United Kingdom Lecturer in Ecology
    1435 Pori Das India Assistance Professor
    1436 Prabhat Shrestha Nepal Engineer
    1437 Prabin dallakoti Nepal Hydrogeologist
    1438 Pradeep Mehta India Development professional
    1439 Pradeep Chamaria IN Photojournalist
    1440 Pradeepta Khadka Nepal Student
    1441 Pradheeps Muthulingam India Climate and Environment Expert, CMDA
    1442 Pradyumna Rana Nepal Climate Change Adaptation and Governance Analyst
    1443 Pragalv Joshi United Kingdom Student
    1444 Pragalwa Pokharel Nepal Student
    1445 Prajun Chapagain Nepal Young Researcher
    1446 Prajwal Koirala Nepal Student of Bsc.Ag
    1447 Prakash Rawal Nepal Student
    1448 Prakriti Kafle Nepal Correspondence Officer at tour company
    1449 Prakrity Sharma Nepal Student
    1450 Pramila Shrestha Nepal
    1451 Pramod Neupane Nepal Sustainable Infrastructure consultant
    1452 Pranab Mukhopadhyay India Academic
    1453 pranita baniya Nepal Spatial Science Officer
    1454 Pranjal Devkota Nepal Environmental Science Graduate
    1455 Prashant Kharel Nepal Service
    1456 Prashant Baral Nepal
    1457 Prashant Raj Bista Nepal Student
    1458 Pratik Paudel Nepal
    1459 Pratima Lamichhane Nepal Student
    1460 Prativa Khatri Nepal Student
    1461 Prativa Pandey Nepal
    1462 Praveen Kumar Singh India Researcher
    1463 Prema Ghalan Nepal Environmentalist
    1464 Prerana Lama Nepal UN employee
    1465 Prerana Dhakhwa Nepal
    1466 Prikshya Yogi NP Student
    1467 Prisha Pareek India Student
    1468 Pritam Chand India University Professor
    1469 Pritesh Patel India Naturalist
    1470 Prity Pippal india student
    1471 PROBAL Basu India Business
    1472 Prof Daya Shanker Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Professor
    1473 Prof Dr Dharma Baskota Nepal Doctor/ Vice Chancellor
    1474 Prof. Dr. Udo Schickhoff Germany Geographer
    1475 Pugazenthi Dhananjauan Nepal
    1476 Pujan Gurung Nepal Civil engineer
    1477 PUNAM PRADHAN Nepal
    1479 Purnima Shrestha Nepal Mountaineer and photo journalist
    1480 Puru Deep Gautam Nepal Civil engineer
    1481 Purushottam Nagarkoti Nepal Surveyor
    1482 Purushottam Ghimire Nepal CC Expert-Former UNFCCC Focal Point
    1483 Puspa Regmi Nepal Teaching
    1484 Pyakurel Hema Nepal Bank employee
    1485 Qaiser Khan United States Climate Researcher
    1486 Qamar A Khokhar Pakistan
    1487 Qiamudin Haleemi Afghanistan Hygiene promotion Officer
    1488 Qudsiya Yawazai Afghanstan District officer climate change
    1489 Quentin Cuartielles FR
    1490 Quentin Le Moel France Commercial
    1491 Quentin Matz Belgium
    1492 Qutbia Anwari Afganistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1493 Quyen Nguyen Vietnam Researcher
    1494 R C United Kingdom
    1495 R P India Writer
    1496 R. S. Rawat India
    1497 RAAJ Ramsankaran INDIA Professor
    1498 Raam Roch Hai France CEO
    1499 Rabin Ojha NEPAL Student
    1500 Rabina G. Rasaily Nepal
    1501 Rachael Treharne United Kingdom Research Scientist
    1502 Rachana Chettri Nepal Editor
    1503 Radha Wagle Nepal
    1504 Rafael Boldrini Spain CEO Bold Capital
    1505 Rafaël Gondin France
    1506 Rafiullah Latifee Afghanistan HR Officer
    1507 Rahimullah Badri Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1508 Rahul Dabas India
    1509 Raisa Gracheva Russia Institute of Geography RAS
    1510 raista palikhe Nepal student
    1511 Raj Singh Nepal Engineer
    1512 Rajan Pokhrel Nepal Editor, The Himalayan Times/President, Nepal Forum of Science Journalists
    1513 Rajan Pokhrel Nepal Media
    1514 Rajan Pangeni Nepal IT
    1515 rajan karki Nepal journalis
    1516 Rajan Shrestha Nepal
    1517 Rajan Koirala Australia Civil Engineer
    1518 Rajan Kumar Kotru India Policy Thinktank and International Advisor
    1519 Rajana Shrestha Nepal
    1520 Rajani Shahi Nepal
    1521 Rajapaksa Darshana Australia Envt Economist
    1522 Rajaram Giree Nepal
    1523 Rajatanan Prapatsorn Thailand Student
    1524 Rajendra Suwal Nepal Conservationists
    1525 Rajendra Kumar KN India Process Engineering
    1526 Rajendra P Gurung India Service (NGO)
    1527 Rajesh Bhaskar India Army officer
    1528 Rajesh Shrestha Nepal
    1529 Rajesh Thapa Nepal
    1530 Rajesh Tamang Nepal Adventure tour operator
    1531 Rajesh .Sharma India
    1532 Rajesh Kumar Jha Nepal DRR program officer
    1533 Rajib Timalsina Nepal Assistant Professor of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies in Tribhuvan University
    1534 Rajib Bhagat India Scientist
    1535 Rajni George India Writer, founding editor of The Kodai Chronicle
    1536 Raju pulami Magar Nepal Business
    1537 Rakesh Shrestha Nepal Sofware Project Manager
    1538 Rakesh Kayastha Nepal Researcher / PhD candidate at Kathmandu University
    1539 Rakesh Thapa Nepal Hotelier
    1540 Raktim Baidya Bangladesh Private service
    1541 Ram Puri Nepal Guide
    1542 Ram Ale Magar Nepal Student
    1543 Ram Chandra Sedai Nepal CEO at trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN)
    1544 Ram Chandra Neupane Nepal Freelancer- Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation
    1545 Ram Ekwal Singh Nepal Teaching and research
    1546 Ram Gopal Kharbuja Nepal Government Job
    1547 Ram Nandan Tiwari Nepal Government Officer
    1548 Ram Prasad Chaudhary Nepal Professor Emeritus
    1549 Ram Prasad AWASTHI Nepal Hydrology, Climate Change
    1550 Ramashray Yadav Nepal NRM/GIS expert
    1551 Ramesh Tiwari Nepal Journalist
    1552 Ramesh Kathariya Nepal Student
    1553 Ramji Gautam Nepal Student
    1554 Ramprasad Bysani India Professional
    1555 Ranak Maher UK Project Management
    1556 Ranjan Kumar India Researcher and student at Central University of South Bihar
    1557 Ranjana Sharma Nepal Development Professional
    1558 Ranu Shah Nepal
    1559 Raquel Ferrando Spain
    1560 Rasmi Dangol Nepal
    1561 Ratna Kapoor Singapore Homemaker
    1562 Ravi Guragain Nepal Engineer
    1563 Ravi Kumar India General surgeon
    1564 Raymond Zaharia France Retired engineer (Retired, but . . . not tired !)
    1565 Rays Rajbhandari Nepal Information Technology Security
    1566 Rebecca Selwyn England Strategy
    1567 Rebecca Carthew-Horne United Kingdom
    1568 Rebecca Stephens United Kingdom Climber, writer, lecturer
    1569 Rebika Gole Nepal student
    1570 Reeju Shrestha Nepal Researcher
    1571 Reinhard Wolf Deutschland Retired
    1572 Rekha Rasaily Nepal
    1573 Rémi Montcoudiol France
    1574 Remy Danel France Ski Instructor
    1575 Renald Fortin Canada Firefighter
    1576 Renate Christ Austria
    1577 Renate Schwarz The Netherlands Artist
    1578 Resma Jarga Magar Nepal
    1579 Rey Dinolan Philippines Sales Manager
    1580 Reza Zarei Iran Alpinist
    1581 Ricardo Carranza Mexico Ingeniero
    1582 riccardo bosio usa owner
    1583 Richard Harniess United Kingdom Retired Geography Teacher
    1584 Richard Salisbury USA
    1585 Rijvee Ahmed Bangladesh Student
    1586 Rikesh Maharjan NEPAL Volunteer
    1587 Rina Mukherji India Journalist
    1588 Rinchen Norbu BT Assistant Lecturer
    1589 Rinchen Zangmo Bhutan College student
    1590 Rinzin Namgay Bhutan Civil Servant
    1591 Ripendra Awal United States Associate Professor
    1592 Rishi Basak Nepal and Canada
    1593 Rishi Ram Paudel Nepal Student
    1594 Rita Van den Bossche België Retired
    1595 Ritika Basnet Nepal Student
    1596 Ritu Gunjyal India Doctor
    1597 Ritu Bharadwaj United Kingdom Researcher
    1598 Ritu Vaidya Nepal
    1599 Riwal Leemann Switzerland Student
    1600 Riyo Garbiyal India Student
    1601 Robert van Sintmaartensdijk The netherlands Mountaineer
    1602 Robert Mc cabe Ireland
    1603 Robert Oryan USA Student
    1604 Robert Rittig Germany Climbing trainer
    1605 Robert Ross United Kingdom Retired
    1606 Robin Majhi India
    1608 Rodolphe Popier France
    1609 Rodrigo Mendes Brazil
    1610 Rodrigues Christine France retired
    1611 Roger Moore US Student
    1612 Roger Robinson USA Co-Founder Sustainable Summits Initiative
    1613 Rohan Khadka USA Environmental Science Student
    1614 Rohit Kumar India Research Scholar
    1615 Rohullah Amin Afghanistan Climate Change Director
    1616 Roja Asharaf India Junior research fellow
    1617 Rojan Rana Nepal Student
    1618 Romex K Jha Nepal Management Practitioner
    1619 Romola Butalia India Writer, environmentalist
    1620 Ronald Larenas Chile Geographer
    1621 Ronan Delanoe France
    1622 Rongkun Liu China
    1623 Ronni Grapenthin USA Professor of Geodesy
    1624 rosalaura romeo Italy Coordinator, Mountain Partnership Secretariat
    1625 Rosemary Lynch Ireland Retired
    1626 Rosemary Blandy Portugal Retired
    1627 Roshan Ghimire Nepal Journalist
    1628 Roshani Adhikari Nepal Nepal forum of environmental Journalist (NEFEJ)
    1629 Roshani Adhikari Nepal Media
    1630 Roshani Subedi Nepal Architect
    1631 Roshani Sharma Subedi Nepal Student
    1632 Rt Hon Helen Clark New Zealand Politician
    1633 Ruben Tieso AT Product owner
    1634 Ruben Basantes Ecuador Glaciologist researcher
    1635 Ruben Boonen Belgium Bussiness consultant
    1636 Rubik Joshi Nepal Social Media Manager
    1637 Rubin Singh Maharjan Nepal Development Research
    1638 Rudolf Hoegger Switzerland Lecturer at ETHZ (emeritus)
    1639 Rufus Van Gruisen USA Engineer
    1640 Ruhollah Beigi Afghanistan Engineer
    1641 Rui Estrela PT Bancário
    1642 Rupa Joshi Nepal
    1643 Ruth Heidingsfelder Italy Agronomist
    1644 Ruth Horne The Netherlands
    1645 Ruva Rajbhandari Nepal Architect
    1646 S TAMRAKAR Nepal
    1647 Saba Ali India Business
    1648 Sabarathnam Piraveen Srilanka Public health inspector trainee
    1649 Sabarnee Tuladhar Nepal Researcher
    1650 Sabiha Sharmin Shimi Bangladesh Researcher
    1651 Sabin Bhandari Nepal Product Designer
    1652 Sabin Khanal Nepal Student
    1653 Sabina Yasmin India Researcher
    1654 Sabina Uprety Nepal Service
    1655 Sabina Shakya Nepal Student
    1656 Sabine Baumann Germany DLR
    1657 sabrina vaidya US Business Analyst
    1658 sachin gurung nepal climate change officer
    1659 sachin manandhar Nepal GIS Developer
    1660 Sachina Neupane Nepal Student
    1661 sadia bano Pakistan Environmentalist
    1662 Sadikshya Tiwari Nepal Student (M.Sc. Environmental Science)
    1663 safiullah Sahil Afghanistan Engineer
    1664 Sagar Adhikari Nepal
    1665 Sagar Jung Karki Nepal Student
    1666 Sahira Shrestha USA Doctor
    1667 Saifullah Naikandish Afghanistan Medicinal plants value Chain Improvement Specialist
    1668 Saisab Pradhan Nepal IT Officer
    1669 Saisab Pradhan Nepal
    1670 Sajad Mir India Researcher
    1671 SAJANA MAHARJAN Nepal
    1672 Salahuddin Chowdhury Nepal Diplomat (Bangladesh Amb to Nepal)
    1673 Saleemul Huq Bangladesh Scientist
    1674 Sam Roper United Kingdom Engineer
    1675 Sam Inglis Hong Kong SAR, People's Republic of China Programme Manager, ADM Capital Foundation
    1676 Samai Singh India Writer/artist
    1677 Samantha Abear Spain FAO consultant, Mountain Partnership Secretariat
    1678 Sambaddha Pradhan Nepal Engineer
    1679 Sameer Bajracharya Canada GIS Developer
    1680 Sameera Noori Afghanistan Humanitarian coordinator
    1681 Sami Neupa e Nepal Service
    1682 Samin Poudel Nepal GIS Analyst
    1683 Samira Perzada Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1684 Samita Sharma Nepal Climate Change Professional
    1685 Samjhana Shrestha Nepal Economist
    1686 Samrat Bhandari Nepal Government worker..
    1687 Samridhi Tuladhar Nepal ICIMOD
    1688 Samuel Sidiqi USA First Afghan to summit Everest
    1689 Samuel Thomas India
    1690 Sanam Chitrakar Nepal business
    1691 Sanchita Chapagain Nepal Professional
    1692 sandeep an usa
    1693 Sandeep Chetri Nepal ….
    1694 Sandeep Sada Nepal HR Officer
    1695 Sandeep Poudel United States Research Assistant
    1696 Sandeep Gurung Nepal
    1697 Sander Verheyden BE
    1698 Sandesh Rijal Nepal Student
    1699 Sandesh Bhandari Nepal Technical Officer at MESA
    1700 Sandip Shah Nepal Renewable Energy Specialist
    1701 Sandra Zeller Germany Service industry
    1702 Sandra Blay Spain Neuropsychologist
    1703 Sandy Avrutin United Kingdom Postgraduate Researcher
    1704 Sangay Tenzin Bhutan Student
    1705 Sangay Dema Bhutan ITES executive
    1706 Sangay Dema Bhutan ITES execy
    1707 Sangeet Nepal United States Policy professional
    1708 Sangeeta B.C. Nepal Undergraduate in Geomatics Engineering
    1709 Sangeeta Thapa Nepal Art curator
    1710 Sangita Thapa Nepal architect
    1711 Sangita Pal Nepal Student
    1712 Sangita Gautam Slovenia Young researcher
    1713 Sangjay Choegyal Indonesia Hotelier
    1714 Sanita Dhaubanjar Nepal
    1715 Sanjay Sharma India
    1716 Sanjeeb Kumar Shakya Nepal Senior Humanitarian Manager
    1717 Sanjeeb Lama Nepal Software Engineer
    1718 Sanjeev Sapkota Nepal
    1719 Sanjeev Neupane Nepal
    1720 Sanjeev Bhuchar India Employed
    1721 Sanjjeev Nehraa India Self employed
    1722 Sanju Neupane NEPAL Finance and Oeprations Lead
    1723 Santiago Folgueras Spain
    1724 Santiago Fernández Peña Peru Development Manager
    1725 Santosh Paudel Nepal
    1726 Santosh Nepal Nepal Research scientist
    1727 Santosh Ghimire Nepal Journalist
    1728 Santosh Nair India Artist
    1729 Santosh Macaden India IT Professional
    1730 Santosh Gautam Nepal
    1731 Santosh Pathak Nepal
    1732 Santosh Dhungana Nepal
    1733 Sara Harman Great Britain Teacher
    1734 Sara Garbin Italy
    1735 Sara Talebian Sweden Research Associate
    1736 Sarafat Khan BD Planter
    1737 Sarah Halvorson United States Professor
    1738 Sarah Rose Holtman USA Registered Nurse
    1739 Sarbagya Shrestha Nepal Service
    1740 Sareena Rai Nepal Guide-Musician-Editor
    1741 Sarin KC Nepal Agri Business
    1742 Saroj BASHYAL NEPAL Student
    1743 Saroja Adhikari Nepal Service
    1744 Sarosh Pradhan Nepal Architect
    1745 Sarthak Shrestha Nepal Research Scientist
    1746 Satish Khapangi Nepal Fitness trainer
    1747 Satish V India Corporate
    1748 Saurav Pradhananga Nepal Climate Change and Hydrology expert
    1749 Saurav Dhakal Nepal Storyteller
    1750 Saurav Kumar Shrestha Nepal NRM consultant
    1751 Sawan Rajbanshi Nepal Student
    1752 Sayd shah Abdul Qaseem Afghanistan Teacher in Universty
    1753 Sayed Ahmad Khalid Sahibzada Afghanistan Rangeland Management Director
    1754 Sayed Gul Agha Musavi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1755 Sayed kazem Hashmi Afghanistan Lecturer at kabul university
    1756 Sayed Murtaza Sadat Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1757 Sazza KC Nepal Tourism Industry
    1758 Scott Lankford United States Stanford Global Educators Network
    1759 Sebastian Berghald France Master student, climate sciences
    1760 Sébastien GOMICHON France Engineer
    1761 Seetashma Thapa Nepal Communications specialist
    1762 Selina Vink Netherlands Journalist
    1763 Sergio Luna Mata Spain Freelance
    1764 Sesam Magar Nepal Student
    1765 Sezal Pradhan Nepal Employee
    1766 Shafi Mohammad Afghanistan Faculty
    1767 shahnaz saiedi iran
    1768 Shail D India Journalist
    1769 Shaila Mallik India
    1770 Shailendra Thakali Nepal free lance consultant
    1771 Shailendra Shakya Nepal
    1772 Shailesh Adhikari Nepal Development Worker
    1773 Shambhu Prasad Sah Finland Researcher
    1774 Shamsher Ali Khan Pakistan Government employee
    1775 Shankar Raj Pandey Nepal Civil Engineer
    1776 Shanta Budha-Magar New Zealand Researcher
    1777 Sharad Joshi Nepal
    1778 Sharad Bahadur Karmacharya Nepal Adviser, Norwegian Embassy, Kathmandu
    1779 Sharaniya Vijitharan Sri Lanka Lecturer, University of Vavuniya
    1780 Shardool Kokare India Geologist
    1781 Sharif Hashimi Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1782 Sharmita Murarka India Business
    1783 Sharrafa Badrit Proma BD Teacher
    1784 Shashi Bhushan India Advocate
    1785 Shashi Tomar Lagwal India Mountaineer Ascent Descent Adventures
    1786 Shasta Kansakar Nepal Researcher
    1787 Sheelagh O'Reilly Scotland Consultant
    1788 Sheetal Pawar India Housewife
    1789 Sheikh Islam Bangladesh Teaching at University
    1790 Sheikh Tawhidul Islam Bangladesh Professor and Director, Institute of Remote Sensing and GIS, Jahangirnagar University
    1791 Shejal Maharjan Nepal Teacher
    1792 Shekhar Ghimire Nepal Director Administration and Finance
    1793 Sher Muhammad Pakistan
    1794 Sherpa Lhakpa Gyalu Nepal Contractors, energy developer
    1796 Shibani Simha-Swiger Nepal Graphic Designer
    1798 Shirin Akter Bangladesh Teacher
    1799 Shishir Chidi Nepal Student
    1800 Shison Maharjan Nepal Environmentalist
    1801 Shiva Dhakal Nepal Tourism Business
    1802 Shiva Hari Khatri NEPAL
    1803 shivaang sinha India
    1804 Shova Ale Magar USA Sustainability Specialists
    1805 Shraddha Pradhan Gorkhali Nepal Doctor
    1806 Shradha Rayamajhi Nepal Development
    1807 Shreejan Kayestha Nepal
    1808 Shreyans Tamang Npela
    1809 Shristi Ghimire Nepal Student
    1810 Shristi Khadka Nepal Trekking guide
    1811 Shruti K.C Nepal Research Associate
    1812 Shruti Sharma India Development practitioner
    1813 Shuaiba Rahaman India
    1814 Shubha Karna Nepal Civil Engineer
    1815 Shuvechchhya Pradhan Nepal Freelancer
    1816 Sian Sinclair United Kingdom
    1817 Silian Pan China
    1818 Silian Pan China YIPP
    1819 Silvia Ercoli Portugal
    1820 Simon Farrelly Australia Hairdresser
    1821 Simon Lehnhoff DE
    1822 Simran Silpakar Nepal
    1823 Sindhu Prasad Dhungana Nepal Government officer
    1824 Singye Dema Bhutan Private sector
    1825 Sinon Gosselin France Coach
    1826 Slava Klimenko Russia Scientists in Astronomy, Climber, Athlete
    1827 Smita Aryal Nepal Student
    1828 Smriety Regmi Nepal Government Officer
    1829 Smriti Bajracharya Nepal Service
    1830 Sneha Pradhananga Nepal Environmental engineer
    1831 Sneha Vaidya Nepal Agriculture
    1832 Snjezana Brezak HR
    1833 sofie lenaerts belgium Motivational speaker – Expedition leader – mountaineering coach
    1834 Solenn Guibourg France
    1835 Som Raj Baral Nepal Program Manager
    1836 Soma Thapa Nepal Student
    1837 Somnath Roy India Service
    1838 Sonam Dorji Bhutan Student of CNR
    1839 Sonam Yangdon Bhutan Media & PRO
    1840 Sonam Rinchen Bhutan Entrepreneur
    1841 Sonam Choden Bhutan Tour operator
    1842 Sonam Yangki Bhutan Student
    1843 Sonam Sherpa Nepal Tourism entrepreneur
    1844 Sonam Dorji Bhutan Foreign returnees
    1845 Sonam Dorji India Lawyer
    1846 Sonam Phuntsho Bhutan Tour leader
    1847 Sonam Tashi LAMA Nepal Conservationist
    1848 Sonja Laukkanen Finland Doctoral researcher
    1849 Sonja Scherer France Finance officer NGO
    1850 Sophia Laporte France Scientist
    1851 Sophia L. Pandé Nepal
    1852 Sophie Cayouette Canada Advisor, Government of Quebec
    1853 Sophie Jerram New Zealand Arts Advocate
    1854 Sophie 孙Sun 中国 体育
    1855 Sourav Laha India Project scientist
    1856 Srabani Roy Singapore Sn. Director, Conservation Partnerships, Conservation International
    1857 Sravan Shrestha Nepal
    1858 Sree Snigdha Gadde India Directir
    1859 Sriganesh Mathur Germany Service
    1860 Srijana Devkota Nepal Nyaya Health Nepal
    1861 Srijana Joshi Nepal
    1862 Srijana Joshi Nepal
    1863 Stanislas Weinberger United Kingdom
    1864 Stefan Schneiderbauer Italy Researcher / Geographer
    1865 Stefano Sala Italy Researcher
    1866 Steph Faulkner GB Secretary
    1867 Stephan Dr Singer Germany Climate scientist in Climate Action Network International
    1868 Stephanie Leder Germany Researcher
    1869 Stephen Mutimba Kenya Consultant, climate change, forestry, energy and land use
    1870 Steven Hutcheson United States Senior Program Manager
    1871 Stuart Gray New Zealand Director
    1872 Subash Kaji Shrestha Nepal GS, Nepal Environment & Tourism Initiative Foundation
    1873 Subechhya Basnet Nepal Tourism
    1874 Subhasis Bhattacharya India Professor
    1875 Subhendu Khan India PhD Scholar
    1876 Subin Shrestha nepal worker
    1877 Subin Hachhethu Nepal
    1878 Subven Malla Nepal Flutter Developer
    1879 Sudarshan Humagain Nepal Government Service
    1880 Sudarshan Raj Sharma Nepal ICT-AG
    1881 Sudhir Shrestha United States Consultant
    1882 Sudikshya Karki Nepal Student
    1883 Sudikshya Karki Nepal Studenr
    1884 Sudip Pradhan Nepal
    1885 Sudip Adhikari Nepal Environmentalist
    1886 Sudip Maharjan Nepal
    1887 Sue Haldemann Netherlands CFO of a smallmouth profit.
    1888 Suhas Ramegowda India Social Entrepreneur
    1889 Sujan Maharjan Nepal Software engineer
    1890 Sujata Gurung BT Self employed
    1891 Sujina Shakya Nepal Professional
    1892 Sujoy Das India Trek Guide
    1893 Sultana Ferdous Bangladesh Student
    1894 SUMAN SIJAPATI Nepal Water resources expert
    1895 Sumanta Neupane Nepal Researcher
    1896 SUMMIT SHRESTHA Nepal Engineer
    1897 Sunayana Basnet Nepal Research Associate
    1898 Sunayna Tamrakar Nepal Employed
    1899 Sundar Sharma Nepal Government Service
    1900 Sundeep Bedi India Filmmaker
    1901 Sunder Subramanian India Independent Policy Advisor & Consultant
    1902 Sunil Kumar Sharma Nepal Surgeon
    1903 Sunil Perinchery India Self employed
    1904 Sunil Thapa Nepal Researcher
    1905 Sunil Bogati Nepal Geomatics Engineer
    1906 Sunil Manandhar Nepal Social work
    1907 Sunil Thapa Nepal
    1908 Sunil Thapa Nepal
    1909 Sunita Rokaya Nepla Students
    1910 Sunita Neupane Canada Nursing
    1911 Sunita Magar Nepal Geologist
    1912 Sunita Chaudhary Nepal
    1913 Sunniv Shanker Rajbhandary Nepal Job holder
    1914 Sunwi Maskey Nepal Glaciologist
    1915 Suprita Suman India Faculty
    1916 Supto .. Bangladesh Student
    1917 Suraj Shrestha Nepal Engineering
    1918 Suraj Gautam Nepal Operation manager (flat iron grill)
    1919 Suraj N India Self employed
    1920 Suraya Ekhteyar Afghanistan Volunteer Member with EPTDO-EVN
    1921 Surender Narayanappa UK Engineer
    1922 Surendra Acharya Nepal Teacher
    1923 Surendra Raj Joshi Nepal
    1924 Suresh Gupta India Observer
    1925 Suresh Pokhrel Nepal
    1926 Surina Sunayani Gurung Nepal
    1927 Surya Bhattarai Australia Data Scientist
    1928 Susa Manandhar Nepal Student
    1929 Susan Leyden United Kingdom
    1930 Susana Pinto Portugal Artist
    1931 Susana Perdiz Switzerland Academia
    1932 Susanne Wymann von Dach Switzerland Scientist
    1933 Susen Shrestha Italy Post-Doc Researcher
    1934 Sushant Shrestha Nepal
    1935 Sushil Basnet Nepal Business Consultant
    1936 Sushil Bhattarai Nepal Msc IT
    1937 Sushil Silwal Nepal Teacher and NGO Activist
    1938 Sushil Raj Poudel Nepal Tourism/Business
    1939 sushma murray Nepal International Ciivl Servant
    1940 Sushmita Kunwar Nepal
    1941 Suvash Dawadi Nepal Physician
    1942 Suyog Maskey Nepal
    1943 Suzanne Reier Nepal Project director
    1944 Swarnim Wagle Nepal
    1945 Swechha Katwal Nepal Salaried
    1946 Swornima Khatri Nepal Student
    1947 Syed Hammad Ali Pakistan Glaciologist
    1948 Syed Jalaluddin Shah Pakistan Development Executive
    1949 Syed Muhammad Abuabakar Pakistan Communications Specialist, IWMI Pakistan
    1950 Sylvain Asencio France IT engineer
    1951 Sylvain Geneau Canada Retire
    1952 Sylvia Harniess United Kingdom Primary Health Care Teacher/ Exteacher LNC Kathmandu
    1953 Tabea Seiz Nepal
    1954 Tahira Khurshid Pakistan PhD scholar
    1955 Tajshree Rana Nepal HR
    1956 Tandin Phubz Bhutan Photographer
    1957 Tao Hu China Biotechnology
    1958 Tara Nepal United States Customer service
    1959 Tariq Ibrahim Ujjan Pakistan Meteorologist
    1960 Tasauf A Baki Billah Bangladesh IM Consultant
    1961 Tashi Peldon Bhutan Civil servant
    1962 Tashi Yangzom Bhutan Student
    1963 Tashi Wangchuk Tenzing Nepal
    1964 Tashnuva Sharmin Bangladesh Teacher's Trainer
    1965 Taskeen Banu Nepal Student
    1966 Taskeen Banu Nepal Student
    1967 Tayler Jones US Farmer
    1968 Tej Kumar Nepal Bhutan Researcher
    1969 Temba Tsheri Sherpa Nepal Youngest Everest Summiteer-16 years in 2021.
    1970 Temba Tsheri Sherpa Nepal Tourism Industry
    1971 Tenzin Pelmo Bhutan Student
    1972 Tenzin Choden Bhutan Student
    1973 Tenzing Sherpa Nepal
    1974 Teo Paris France Artist
    1975 Teresa Aragoneses Spain
    1976 Teresa Fogelberg Netherlands, Finland board member ICIMOD
    1977 Teresa Urbanowska Switzerland Scientist
    1978 Test test nepal f
    1979 Thi Thi Htun Myanmar Associate Professor
    1980 Thibe Deseyn CH
    1981 Thierry Faug France Researcher (INRAE – IGE)
    1982 Thierry Geenen Belgium Photographer
    1983 Thinley Dorji BHUTAN Civil Servant
    1984 Thinley Namgyel Bhutan Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Royal Government of Bhutan.
    1985 Thomas Baehren Germany
    1986 Thomas Caspari New Zealand Soil scientist
    1987 Thomas Hinckley USA Professor Emeritus
    1988 Thomas Hofer Italy Senior Forestry Officer
    1989 Thomas Croisy France
    1990 Thomas Dax Austria Researcher on Mountain Development
    1991 Thomas Benedikter Italien Researcher, author, university teacher
    1992 Thomas Prinz Germany
    1993 Tika Gurung Nepal Student
    1994 Tilak B Lama Nepal Tour/ Trek Operator
    1995 Tim Taylor Nepal Retired
    1996 Timme Spakman Netherlands Mountaineer and economist
    1997 Tina Roner Switzerland Organic Farming & Green Value Chains Expert in Bhutan
    1998 Tineke Thio USA / Netherlands Climate communicator
    1999 Tirth Raj Aryal Nepal Chartered Accountant
    2000 Tirthankar Ghosh India PhD scholar
    2001 Tito Jankowski USA Air Miner
    2002 Titouan Berrezaie FRANCE
    2003 TMPL Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge Nepal
    2004 Tobia Stefani Italy Student
    2005 Tobias Paulus Germany Software Architect
    2006 Tobias Debruyn Belgium Independent tattoo artist
    2007 Tobias Sauter Germany Professor
    2008 Tobias Metzner Germany
    2009 Toby Wheeler United States retired wanderer
    2010 Tom Desboeufs Suisse Student
    2011 tom vannier France sport !
    2012 Tom Matthews United Kingdom Climate Scientist
    2013 Tooba Javed Pakistan Monitoring Officer Wildlife MoCC & EC, Islamabad Pakistan
    2014 Tooba Javed Pakistan Monitoring Officer Wildlife MoCC & EC
    2015 Trilochana Basnett India GIS Expert
    2016 Tripti Chettri Nepal Airline Sales Manager
    2017 Trishla Shaktan India
    2018 Trishna Thapa Nepal
    2019 Tsering Kenji Sherpa Nepal Entrepreneur
    2020 Tsewang Sherpa Nepal
    2021 Tseyring Syelden Namgyel Bhutan Child Rights Advocate
    2022 Tshering Duba Bhutan Public Servant
    2023 Tshering Choden Bhutan Civil Servant
    2024 Tshering Dema Bhutan Student
    2025 Tshering Wangdi Bhutan Travelers
    2026 Tshewang Yeden Bhutan NGO worker
    2027 Tshewang Gyelpo Bhutan Student
    2028 Tshewang Dendup Bhutan Lecturer
    2029 Udayan Mishra Nepal
    2030 Ugo Nanni Norway Researcher in glaciology
    2031 Ugyen Choden Bhutan Medical lab technician
    2032 Ujala Rajbhandari Nepal Program Officer
    2033 Ujjwal Silwal Nepal Programmer
    2034 Ujjwal Bajracharya Nepal Information Technology
    2035 Ullas Dey Bangladesh Teacher
    2036 Ulyana Horodyskyj USA scientist
    2037 Uma Basnet Nepal
    2038 Uma Shankar Panday Nepal Professorship
    2039 Umar Abdulla Nepal Entrepreneur
    2040 Umer Vaqar Pakistan Deputy Secretary
    2041 Umesh Haritashya United States Professor
    2042 Umesh Kumar Tamang Lama Nepal Entrepreneur
    2043 Unmesh Shakya Nepal Civil Engineer
    2044 Upama Rai Nepal Teacher
    2045 Urja Newa Nepal Event Manager
    2046 Urmi Ghosh India Professional
    2047 Urooba Farman Tanoli Pakistan Geologist
    2048 Urs Hagnauer Paraguay Retired
    2049 Urs Schulthess Mexico Agronomist
    2050 Ursula Enuzebert Austria Phd
    2051 Usha Khatiwada Nepal CEO-NRN Infrastructure & Development Limited
    2052 Utsab Phuyal Nepal Lecturer
    2053 Utsav Maden Nepal Km
    2054 Utsav Maden Nepal Comms
    2055 Utsav Khatri Nepal Service
    2056 Utsav Shakya Nepal Communications Specialist
    2057 Utsav Maden Nepal
    2058 Valerie Parkinson United Kingdom Trekking guide
    2059 Valerie Reppert Deutschland Student
    2060 Vanessa Round Australia Climate Scientist
    2061 Varsha Pathania India Successful Home maker
    2062 Varsha Bedi India Film maker
    2063 Varughese Thomas India Environment Journalist
    2064 Varun Khajuria India
    2065 Vasanth Rao Attanti India Employee
    2066 Vegard Aasen Norway Photographer
    2067 Verena Winiwarter Austria Environmental Historian, University Professor
    2068 veronica amoruso Italia phd student
    2069 Veronique Swinkels The Netherlands trainer
    2070 Viankcor Henry Cashpa Carrion Perú Bachiller en Física
    2071 Victoria Hughes UK Staff nurse
    2072 VIJAYRAJ RAWAT India
    2073 Viktor Zichó Hungary Climate activist lecturer, extreme sports athlete
    2074 Vince C Es
    2075 Vincent Haagmans Switzerland PhD student in Snow Hydrology
    2076 Vinodh Velayudhan India Business
    2077 virendra painuly India Writing and consultancy on Environment and social issues
    2078 Vishal Singh India
    2079 Vishwambhar Prasad Sati India Senior Professor
    2080 Vishwas Chitale India Researcher
    2081 Vít Šťovíček Czechia Researcher
    2082 Vlad Moldovan Czechia Regulatory Manager
    2083 Wakeel Ahmad Reshteen Afghanistan Project Officer
    2084 Walter Immerzeel Netherlands Professor Mountain Hydrology
    2085 Weijie Li China Educator
    2086 Wendy Hosking Australia Carer
    2087 Wendy Marston Nepal
    2088 Wenhua Dong China
    2089 Wenting Wu China PM
    2090 wenwei liu china business
    2091 Willemien van der Wielen Netherlands Associate at Climate Risk Services
    2092 William MacGregor Canada Firefighter
    2093 William Young New Zealand Water Resources Specialist
    2094 Wolfgang Schwanghart Germany Scientist
    2095 Wolfgang Nairz Austria
    2096 Xenia Calzado Barcelona
    2097 Xenia Brundin Sweden Educator
    2098 Xevi Sans Catalunya
    2102 Xiaolin Li China Ai promot engineer
    2103 Xiaoping Jing China Education
    2104 Xie Huiping China Student
    2105 Xie Melinda China Students
    2106 XIN CHENG P. R. of China Consultant
    2107 Xuyang Lu China Scientist
    2108 Yam Nath Pokharel Nepal Government Employee
    2109 Yamuna Sharma Nepal
    2110 Yangchen C Rinzin Bhutan Journalist
    2111 Yangee Fenng China
    2112 Yangji Doma Sherpa Nepal Service
    2113 Yarzar Hein Myanmar Professor
    2114 Yathartha Dhungel Nepal Student
    2115 Yeshaswi Shrestha Nepal
    2116 Yeshey Lhamo Bhutan Lecturer
    2117 Yeshi Lhadon Bhutan Civil servant
    2118 Yeshi Tenzin Bhutan Business man
    2119 Yeshi Dendup Tenzin Bhutan Student
    2120 Yogendra Chitrakar Nepal Service
    2121 Yogesh Garbiyal India Mountaineer
    2122 Yona Khaling Rai Nepal
    2123 Yonten Thinley Bhutan Pvt employee
    2124 Yourina Tuladhar Nepal Tourism
    2125 Yu Zhang China Director
    2126 Yuanyuan Yi China Research assistant professor
    2127 Yuko UOZUMI Japan
    2128 Yuna Lee Italy FAO consultant
    2129 Yvonne Oomen New Zealand Company Director
    2130 Zabihullah Akhtari Afghanistan Environmentalist
    2131 Zahir shah Kamalzada Afghanistan Madani active
    2132 Zalmai Zaheb Afghanistan Faculty member
    2133 Zeenat Yasmeen Pakistan Meteorologist
    2134 Zhigang Ru China Traveller
    2135 Zhong li Xu China Retired
    2136 Zijun Han China 2022 Champions for Peace
    2137 Zin Nwe Win Myanmar Senior Research Associate
    2138 Zuhair Lateef United States Renewable Energy Electrical Engineer
    2139 Zuneera Shah pakistan Student
    2140 Zuzana Stanček Slovakia Account manager
    2141 Μανώλης Ξηναταράκος Greece Student
    2142 السيد البركني موريتانيا مشغول
    2143 فرشته احمدیان فر ایران فعال محیط زیست
    2144 نیکی R IRAN Optometrist
    2145 আনিসুর রহমান বুলবুল Bangladesh
    2146 丽莉 中国 自由职业
    2147 中国 教师
    2148 China 福州市仓山区
    2149 欧阳 中国 户外教练
    2150 兴江 中国 企业主
    2151 中国 教师
    2152 中国 老师
    2153 China Freelancer profession
    2154 小强 中华人民共和国 退休人员
    2155 宝龙 china mountain guide
    2156 志兵 中国 农业科研工作者
    2157 中国 科研人员
    2158 振庆 中国 媒体负责人
    2159 振鹏 中国 工程师
    2160 小勤 中国 学生
    2161 林平 中国 国企员工
    2162 中华人民共和国 职员
    2163 中国 摄影师
    2164 生涛 中国 户外教练
    2165 田利 Chinese Researcher
    2166 约拿 中国 销售
    2167 纪恒 中华人民共和国 职员
    2168 国亨 中国 摄影师
    2169 蓓蕾 中国 中国电信
    2170 贾曼曼 贾曼曼 中国 学生
    2171 中国 自由职业
    2172 兴江 china Baoan